NDX2 Relay noise


My NDX2 used to make a fairly loud ‘click’ when coming in and out of standby. It now seems to be silent when I turn on/off via the app suggesting it won’t go into standby mode. Any ideas if this is ok/correct or what I need to do to resolve?

Many thanks

Have turned on server mode in settings by mistake? This prevents full 0.5w standby


Have you added an XPS power supply, as that will stop it going into 0.5w standby?

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That was indeed the issue. Simple when you know I guess! Thanks so much for your help


Similar reasons could be:

  • USB drive inserted.
  • I think there’s a HDMI-mode setting which could do this.

Essentially, any reason why the unit needs more power during standby, and thus does not switch to the low-power PSU. (You can usually also feel it via the temperature during standby.)

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