NDX2 remote battery life

My remote was working one minute, and then just stopped working. I put another set of batteries in, and now it works again. I just bought this NDX2 a year and 3 months ago. At that time a fresh set of batteries were put in. I only use it once a week, and only use it to turn on/off the NDX2.

Is this how long batteries are supposed to last??!!

I’m not sure how long is “normal” but the batteries in my Unity Atom only lasted a similar time and I rarely use that either.

I think I still have the original batteries in my 272 I never use, I only use it occasionally to change the volume the app is so much easier.

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I have noticed the Zigbee controller uses batteries more quickly than the old infra red based remote controller… I guess it would have been nice for a modern product to have seen rechargeable charged by a USB port… but anyway we are where we are.

The batteries do not last a hugely long time. Switching off motion detect helps.

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Mine typically last 3 to 4 months, as I use them for volume control and source switching rather than the app.

I wonder if trying lithium batteries may improve the life?

I have Lithium batteries in my Blink CCTV system and the batteries have lasted almost 2 years despite continuing to be actively looking for movement and communicating with my network.

They are more expensive so the business case may not be that compelling unless the improvement is dramatic!

Interesting, i have had the same set of batteries in my nd555 since i bought just after launch. It gets used to adjust the volume every night?

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Those batteries know not to mess with you Gazza!

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Yeah. I turned that off. Maybe it was getting bumped on my table. We’ll see if that helps.

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I think the supplied batteries are fairly poor, my original ones lasted about 3 months, replaced with Duracell’s and haven’t changed them since.

I spoke too soon, they finally gave up R.I.P


Lithium batteries last for 3 months. Low self-discharge batteries lasted for 6 months.

Motion detection does make them go flat faster, both of my ones are turned off now.

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