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I currently have an ND5XS / Hugo / SN2 combination but and am considering trying out a NDX2. I use the remote control on the ND5XS a lot - for changing volume + input and, when using Tidal or UPnP, for track selection (pausing, stopping, skipping forward and back). From what I understand, by using system automation I would be able to control SN2 volume from a NDX2 remote, but I can’t find out how well changing input and track selection (including when using Roon) would work. Can any NDX2 owners help ?


The new remotes cannot control UPnP or Tidal at all. You have to use the app. Don’t ask me why!

Yes you can select some inputs with the remote, Tidal via the app only. Volume via the remote. You can skip, pause etc with the remote but not select a new UPnP album from your library, that you can only do with the app. Roon cannot be operated other than with the app (or desktop).

Thanks both. It’s probably the pausing and skipping that I would miss most. I remember once trying a programmable remote for the whole setup (TV, blueray, amp etc) but having to really look at what I was doing rather than than just pushing a button by touch drove me nuts so I didn’t buy it. So if those functions at least work I might be OK. Not sure about the rest of the family though.

I thought I read on this forum that you can similarly control Roon with the remote (but I can’t find that now).

You can do that (pausing and skipping through tracks) with the NDX2 remote with both local streaming and tidal. It’s switching sources and selecting albums and tracks that needs the app. The system automation with the SN2 works really well.

Hi, yes you can control the UPnP and Tidal replay to some extent with the new Zigbee remote… you can forward (skip), rewind, pause and play track. If you want to change input or spool a track on UPnP you need to use the Naim app, or use the device buttons.
The new NDX2 Zigbee remote changes volume via the streamer automation to the preamp…

I use the Zigbee a lot… i mostly use Roon now… and it all works together rather well… especially appreciate the temporary movement activated illumination on the remote 552 remote style

is it correct that there is no proximity sensor on the NDX2 display as in the Unitis? Also, I notice when I turn display off via the app it stays off even during source changes via the remote or app - is this normal too? On the Nova the source info / artwork would appear momentarily when you switched which was quite nice I thought. Pity they dont standardise these things across the range.

Yes, unfortunately, as it’s a cool feature.

Yes, that would be nice too!

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Great. Time to go and listen to one. Cheers

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