NDX2 Run in time?

Can anyone who’s had an NDX2 from new tell me how long it takes to run in until it’s hit it’s pinnacle sweet-spot?

2 to 3 months for me. Kept mine on 24/7 playing Internet radio out of hours.
Which is how I knew the display would turn itself off after a few hours, when it should be 12 hrs. But the new ( yet to be released ) firmware fixes that issue.

Mine sounded a significant improvement over the 272 straight out of the box. It became consistently excellent in 3-4 weeks I recall.


Oh yeah. Mine sounded better than the nd5xs2 immediately. Just stopped getting better after 2 to 3 months!

Great, thanks for that. I’ve had mine since 17th December. It’s improved over that time but I don’t think it’s released its full potential yet.

Ah, to reach it’s full potential, it’ll need a 555 or xpsdr psu. Exactly which one will be up to you.
But in the meantime you are almost there.

Yup, I have an XPSDR attached :+1:

FYI- the 555psdr is a big upgrade over xpsdr
may not be what you want to hear

It’s perfectly possible, however, to be content with an XPSDR on the NDX2 - as, indeed, I am myself.


Did you hook it up into the 272?

No I didn’t.


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