NDX2 screen, how does it work?

In the settings, I adjusted it so the screen only lights up for a few seconds, because I did not want the screen on all the time.
The screen does light up for only a few seconds, when it does light up… If I change input, for example I go to Tidal; it will light up when I choose the first album. If I stay in Tidal, but choose another album afterwards, the screen doesn’t light up.
If I then go to the usb stick, again it will light up with the album info and art for the first album selected, but not for subsequent albums. Shouldn’t it light up for a few seconds every time I switch to a different album?

„Upon switch of input“ is actually as designed by Naim. Changing the content on the same input, will not trigger this.
Other items can be change of volume (to show the new volume level) and some other operations on the remote (like the „clock“ button or the one to explicitly activate the screen (briefly, in this case).)

I don’t know of any official detailed description of this behavior.

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It has been added quite recently. @DanielH will find a complete description by visiting https://www.naimaudio.com/customer-support and clicking here:

Then click Knowledge Base > View All Articles > FAQs > What are the various timeouts of the display turning off?


Thanks, I must have missed, when this was going live!

Thank you!

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I don’t think it was announced, I found it by chance as well a short while ago, though I did know from the beta group that it was in preparation

Now I need to find out, how to place an FAQ-article about the power-behavior of the Unitis in the various circumstances (drives attached, HDMI, server mode, sleep states and all the involved clicking and popping). :slight_smile:

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