NDX2 screen still freezing after 3.4 update

I was sorry to discover today that my NDX2 screen will still occasionally freeze on album artwork. Today it happened whilst I was listening to Tidal. I can switch between the frozen artwork for the track and the frozen track information for that same track, but that’s all. The Naim app displays the correct information i.e. no freeze.

The only way out of it seems to be to press the power button on the unit for three seconds to do a restart.

I was hopeful that this would be fixed. That was certainly the indication in previous posts before the update.

I think you will get further, quicker if you take up this problem with your dealer or Naim customer service direct, rather than get a whole load of speculative suggestions on here.

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Yes, I’m sure that’s true. Really I was just flagging it up as an issue.

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Fair enough, hope you get it sorted.

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Take it up with Naim support, I have no freezing with my NDX2 on the latest firmware… that’s not to say they be some obscure race condition that might cause it, but I have not seen it, and the streamer is used daily.
It could be something out of spec on your streamer even… hence best contact Naim… there are things that they can tell you to do to get advanced debug logs that download into a USB memory stick plugged into the streamer.

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Thanks Simon. I have passed it on to my dealer to take up with Naim. I have often been disappointed with Naim’s response to my queries i .e. Not returning phone calls or replying to emails or, in one instance, telling me to take it up with my dealer, who had already told me to take it up with Naim (load plugs for a Superline).

All odd this, I haven’t had any artwork freezes on the previous firmware or current on my NDX2.

Odd, as you say. Everyone’s running the same gear and firmware, so why should it affect some and not others. I did have the same issue on a demo NDX2 I was using before Christmas. Surely the only variables are the inputs being used and whether system automation is being used or not.

My Uniti Star is still freezing (actually frozen at the moment) … you are not alone!
Naim Support say a fix is on the way, again!

Oh God, I had the same issue. Was holding out on the new 3.4. My NDX2 really kicked in this morning after six weeks. Full 3d sound. So was in two minds to update. Pulled the trigger and it is brilliant.

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