NDX2-SN3 Set Upgrade

Hi, I have NDX2->SN3/HCDR->Neat Orkestra.
Sounds great

What do you think is the upgrade way forward ?

Should I start by adding PS555DR (source first) or SN3 to separate - in that case can I add just Pre or power to SN3?

In addition my stereo sits on standard shelves (made temporary shelves as furniture ones weren’t deep enough) since stereo racks looks most of the time like 19” server racks and I look for something that looks like a design furniture- any suggestions?

PS - isoAcoustics suspensions below NDX2 did good job.

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In my opinion if you want to go for separates at 282/250 level or higher you should first add an XPSDR to the streamer, or possibly a 555PS. Once you have some more shelves, that is. I can understand why you don’t want Fraim but at least give each box a separate shelf. This becomes increasingly important as you move to separates.


I’d go XPS DR and Fraim.


As Chris has said, I’d recommend an XPS DR for the NDX2 first. I went this route from a NDX2/SN2 to adding the HiCap and XPS DR. The 555PS is a great option, but very expensive new and I only added one as I found it second hand and are running it with a 252/250.

When you move to separates I’d add the pre-amp first and use the SN3 as a power amp. I did the same with the 252. If you are going second hand though, you could go pre or power first, depending on what opportunities come up.

Extra shelving is very desirable and if you search the system pictures thread you will see plenty of good options other than the Fraim.

Good luck.


Thanks. From what I heard the 555PSDr impact is dramatic while what of XPS is kind of moderate. Indeed the PS555 is expensive and I recently missed a good SH offer.

Listen and decide for yourself. Many opinions expresssed on this forum are not based on a direct comparison of the two PSUs in the same setup and appear to be based on the rationale that you should ‘buy what I’ve got’ and not much more.
Just because forum lore recommends something doesn’t mean that everybody who has made a proper comparison likes it, or thinks that any audible improvement is worth the money.


For a lot less money than a PS555 you should consider a better solution for placement. Normal furniture can work if, as you have found, you use isolation such as Stillpoints or Isoacoustics. Isoblue racks also look good and avoid the server rack look. Getting your existing kit placed properly will give you an immediate uplift and a foundation for future upgrades.


That’s why i mentioned a XPS DR and Fraim combined, this will give a far greater improvement than just plonking a much more expensive PSU in a Frankenstein video cabinet.


I’ve had both PS’s on my NDX2 and the XPS DR is far from moderate, it’s a very good option. For me, if buying new, the XPS DR is better value for money across the system for at least a SN, a 202 or a 282 level. Put the savings into a rack or separates or a better interconnect etc.

The 555 in my system is better, but not by a big margin and for me was only value as the cost second hand with selling the XPS DR was not a lot in the context of the whole system.

But, everyone’s sense of value for money is different, so there isn’t really a black and white answer.


As others have said a better home for your gear would be a good start I agree that hifi furniture is never what your would call design forward. But for the price of a Naim black box you can probably get someone make you a bespoke piece of furniture that combines both effective functionality and a decent aesthetic. I’d ideally have all of my boxes hidden if I could. The other big upgrade for me was a decent chair that put me at the right height for my speakers. Obviously this is a Naim forum and the focus is on Naim electronics but it’s not always about the hardware… if your dead set on a new black box my money would on a 282 from where your at now. It’s a big step up in pre performance and I’m of the opinion that optimising with power supply upgrades should be done once all your primary components are at the level you want to live with at least semi long term… caveat on that though is only do that of your envisaging a 282/250 or higher as a destination otherwise I’d keep the Nait and be happy at that. I think more than most other brands you have to be honest with yourself about how deep you wanna be in it before diving in….


Unfortunately no-one gave me that advice. They just said “it’s like a drug”……


XPSDR Blondy

And then sit back for quite a while and enjoy

The Neat Orkestra’s will certainly benefit from preamp/ power amp in time, but no hurry. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying them.



First upgrade, which is free, is to remove that cd player from the top of your Supernait :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a rack which is more like furniture, you might want to consider the Isoblue racks. They are also a bit smaller than a Fraim.

Before doing any upgrade decisions, decide how many boxes you are willing to accomodate. There will always be a “weakest link” in your system no matter how many upgrades you will make. The question is, what compromises are you willing to make.

Otherwise, the XPSDR is the next obvious step in my opinion, as many others have mentionned already.


Neat and tidy, sounds great and doesn’t look too technical.



Hey ‘Blondy’ what is so funny? :rofl:

I LOL reading you comment ; …Frankenstein video cabinet.

All in good way. Appreciate your comments

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Good comment - My wife is architect and interior designer, the CD was on top of the upper shelve and she changes its location one day. Just went up again.

BTW this Cd-5i(italic) is part of my original Naim system. And still sounds great.

Thank you all for sharing you opinions based on your vast experience. This thread’s wisdom of crowd leads to the conclusion that I should first look for a proper stand or equipment suspensions.

The rack or suspensions family of products isolates the legs of the hi-fi gear from vibration. But still the Amp or Dac metal cover can still pick the sound vibrations and may lead them to its circuit boards adding to noise. Is that secondary or neglected?

I hope she connects the cables after changing its position. If you were using a Hi-Line i am sure she would not move it anymore :slight_smile:

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