NDX2 streaming blips with Sirius XM

My NDX2 is wired up. No using wireless. With Sirius XM, and only with Sirius, do I get periodic blips - every couple of minutes - where the sound cuts out for a second. This does not happen with my QB2 or any other streaming service I’ve used (eg Qobuz). Anybody have any ideas?

I had to Google to find out what Sirius was.

How does Sirius get to the NDX2?

Google Chromecast. It’s as if it has hiccups!

WiFi then. QBs are restricted to 48kHz over WiFi. Are you trying to stream over 48k ?

I can stream over 48k via Qobuz. I’m not sure what’s coming via Sirius. The things that the hiccups only occur through Sirius - not any other Wifi streamed service.

The NDX2 should display the resolution of the stream. If its above 48k the your WiFi may have difficulty.

I don’t see where there is any display of the resolution of the stream. And I still can’t figure out why it is only SiriusXM that has this hiccup. I can stream anything else via Chromecast with no problem whatsoever.

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