NDX2 streaming board

Hello, does NDX2 streaming board benefit from 555PSDR or PS only improves the internal DAC section? I will move on from NDX2+555PSDR to separate R2R type Dac, so to have 555PSDR which now is used only half in any case + NDX2 just as a streamer is not cost-efficient. Not yet received DAC, nor rca-DIN5 interconnect, so can’t compare.

If correctly remember, maybe @Simon-in-Suffolk can comment about his NDX2 + Hugo V1 + 555PSDR/XPSDR at that time?

I would not think that as a transport the 555ps would make a huge difference, though i guess you may have time to test yourself when the dac arrives?Best listen for yourself.


The whole player benefits from the external PS, including the streaming board. As you have the DR version of the 555PS then there is also the benefit of the better regulators in the DR 555PS over the LM317 regulators used in the standard on board PS.

Whether this is a value for money usage of the 555PS when just using the NDX2 as a digital source to a separate DAC is questionable. As @Gazza says, best try it for yourself and see what you think.


Factual test is always better, just in upgrade ladder, sometimes we need to sell part of current units to get a new better in the chain :crossed_fingers:
In case of somebody already tested, please share your opinion. I tend to release at least 555PSDR and use NDX2 only as a streamer.

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Hi, when using the NDX2 as a digital streamer as opposed to an analogue audio streamer I always used the inbuilt powersupply in the NDX2. I like the PSU optimisation for standby in the current streamers which is not possible with seperate powersupplies.
Adding an external PSU to the NDX2 completely by passes the internal powersupply.

Also remember the streaming board is only one small part of the streamer whether using a digital or analogue signal out, so it is quite possible changing the powersupply might change the tonal qualities of a connected DAC

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My NDX2 used to be powered by a 555PS DR and used as analogue streamer into NAC 282. Great sound. A while ago I have tried a Chord DAVE and connected it to the NDX2 digital out, leaving the 555PS in place. The improvement was significant, and DAVE stayed. For few weeks I kept removing and adding the 555PS, but could not really hear an audible difference, so the 555PS was sold. I also agree with SiS that NDX2 own PS standby feature is very useful.


Thanks for opinions! Will try by myself in upcomig months. To my personal assessment, DAVE is one og the dac which standalone isolates very well source without any enhancers. I believe from noisy computer result will be similar in your case. A bit off-topic, but did you try your Dave to use as preamp directly to you amp? Don’t know how, but some prefer it connected directly to 250dr/300dr even over 252 preamp.

Indeed nor can I… the decoupling and separation using DAVE fed by a Naim streamer really does remove many of the vagaries and esoteric tweaks of network based audio.


I used Dave direct into a 250DR for a while, just to see how it compared to using it into my 282. It worked better than I thought it would, but ultimately that led me to change the 250 for a Chord Étude which is designed to match Dave and was quite an improvement in my system.


I use my Dave as pre-amp connected direct to a NAP200DR and like it very much. Combines warmth with a very detailed presentation.


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