‘NDX2/Supernait 3 vs Uniti Nova’

Good feedback from all. I’ll likely be able to get a really good deal on the 250 if I go that route, which makes it extra tempting.

My dealer “made me” listen to a 250dr paired with a nova back when I tested the nova. It was a big step up to my ears.

My reason for going with the nova in the first place was to try and avoid the upgrade niggle. Oh well. I suspect a 250dr will be my next upgrade once funds allow!

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@BenU please don’t take my comments to suggest the Nova is not a good match with the Kanta 2s. It is, particularly with a power cord upgrade. The only reason I bought the NDX2 & SN3 is a) I got the NDX2 second hand for a really good price; and b) I was able to sell on my Atom + Focal Aria for a decent price too.

I’d recommend staying with what you have for now, seriously considering an upgrade over the next few months/year (who knows what will be released soon…) and if you then want to “invest” further and budget allows, perhaps keep the Nova for a second system (I did this and matched it with the Neat Iota Alphas, a great combo) or sell it and go down the 2 or 3 box route later (quite what the make-up of those 2-3 boxes could be may well depend on Naim’s changes in the next year or so). And… only after demoing your possible options too…

FWIW, the NDX2 + SN3 is absolutely stunning and given that I paid ~40% less than new list price for the two, it was a bargain I couldn’t pass up. Of course, if I replaced the SN3 with a pre/new-Linn-beating-streaming-pre and a 300DR it would be phenomenal, but that’s definitely not where I’m heading…

I must add that prior to going down the NDX2 + SN3 route, I demo’d a Linn power amp (Akurate 2200 with 110W into 8 ohms) on the Nova - didn’t change much at all, and lost quite a bit of the PRaT.

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A 5si….what utter nonsense

Right. The thought of adding separate amplification to the Nova would be a stepping stone that would ultimately result in the Nova moving to a second system, and a complementing (to the amp) streaming pre coming down the road.


Well, it happened. My facilitator dropped off a demo 250DR this morning and it’s now connected to the Nova’s pre-amp out. Looking forward to some good listening, I mean whisky.


Speculation but will there be power amps in Uniti/Statement livery?

That’s what I pray for.

As Naim are now selling more product under the Uniti banner and as the Atom has been embellished with the HE option, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a Nova HE next? Imagine a Nova with no power amp stage and the preamp stage updated to 282 level, with headphone and preamp outputs, what a killer box that would be. Would meet the need of the long-awaited 272 replacement, just add a 250 DR (or Statement derived replacement, as discussed) or active speakers (step in please Focal) and I’d think the Auralic/Linn DSM/CA Edge etc. market would really feel the pinch. Ching-ching all the way for Naim too I’d say.


I keep going over this question, after a dealer demos, I did not do it for me, but the past few months I have been considering just doing it, oddly the key element now stopping (aside from my view the SQ uplift is negligible), is box count.

I have a full fat 2 tier Fraim, housed my Nova and Innuos Zenith, but now I need another level to house my SR Ethernet Switch and if I went NDX2/SN3, I would need another level, then no doubt another later for power supply.

I just do not want that imposition into the living space anymore.

I did ask a few years back surely a SUPER Nova is due.


I think a Super Nova and a Super Super Nait are well overdue , though my rumour machine suggests that the fabled 272 replacement is possibly around the corner .

A Nova HE wouldn’t be bad either …


I could easily see a Nova HE being close to the same thing as an updated 272.


It could well be.

Maybe Naim will release both at different price points?


Just wish either ndx2 or nd5 xs2 had eARK HDMI

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How are you finding the 250 with the Nova?

Hi Richard,

sharing the same wish.

the ELAC HDX21 hdmi-analogue converter connected to the SN3 can solve the problem.
No review of this item at this moment as it only was released end of september 2022.