NDX2 TypA-TypA USB PC Connection

Hi, the title says it.

As the NDX2 comes with two Typ A USB inputs but no Typ B input, I am eager to find out if I can establish a Typ A to Typ A USB cable connection between my PC and NDX2??

Reason is, so far only Roon and Audirvana find the NDX2 over the network. But HQ Player and Jplay seem to rely on Asio / Wasapi and require a USB connection. For HQ Player it is clear: It needs a HQ NAA to be installed on the streamer which in this case…: no! For Jplay, I don’t know. It does not seem to be willing to stream to the NDX2…

Any thoughts? Maybe I am overseeing something here…


Hi, you cannot connect a computer to a Naim streamer via USB unless you use a USB to SPDIF converter as a workaround, or a network connection.

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There are many alternative devices for USB / SPDIF connections - from £26 to over £1K. Price does not necessarily equate to value IME :sunglasses:

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I have tried an M-Tech USB DAC into Coax. Sounds bad. So far, I do not know of a reasonable solution for connecting HQ Player with Naim NDX2. The maker of HQ Player says, Naim would need to include his protocol for his software to find the NDX2 on the network and he seems reluctant to implement UPnP like Audirvana did.

So I live with what comes out of Roon without further upsampling or I use Audirvana.

In the USB world Type A to Type A isn’t supported, that’s why the socket are different between Type A and Type B.

I know, but that’s actually not (or no longer) the issue. I will try a Cisco 2960, which comes with a USB port…but probably only Slave mode (for printers and such), but maybe I get lucky…

Are you sure you’re not looking at the USB console port some Cisco switches have, on the L side with a blue surround. That isn’t going to work.

like I said, most probably not.

I overcame the problem of connecting computer to NDX2 by using a converter from CYP, works straight from the box, about £99.

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