NDX2 Unpnp

Just purchased an NDX2 and it sounds great, with a SN3. Two questions:

i) What is the easiest was to share my media collection with it?

USB hard drive plugged in the front?

ii) What is the easiest way to manage it and update it with new files, etc?

Is Roon the only option?

You can active Qobuz or Tidal, through the app. Qobuz gives hires online streaming.
You can buy a Nas or an audiophile Nas ( Innuos, Melco,…) or a Naim cd ripper Nas= Uniticore.
You don’t need Roon absolutely.
You can also put a usb stick, but you are limited with capacity.

The easiest way to get up and running is to put your music files on a USB drive and put it in the front or rear USB port, but view it via the Server input, where it should appear in Local Music. This allows you to browse the metadata properly, so it’s better than using the USB input.

If you want something a little more versatile you may prefer to store your music on a computer or NAS running a UPnP server such as Asset or Minimserver, which the NDX2 will find over its network connection. With a large library that you add to regularly, this is likely to be a better solution, and will cost maybe £300.
Roon is a more sophisticated version of the above which requires a more powerful computer to run it, and a subscription. You don’t necessarily need it, but some like it, others don’t. Do the free trial if you’re curious.

This is helpful, thanks you. I’m leaning towards the NAS option. Do you know what is the minimum speak for a NAS and Roon? I’ve read about leaving a computer on to act as the Roon core. However, I really don’t have the space to do this.

If you’re considering Roon you need a reasonably powerful device. An Intel NUC would be ideal rather than a NAS, and they are pretty small. There are some good articles on the Roon Knowledgebase that explain what’s required in more detail.
If you run a UPnP server this is much less demanding than Roon, and any of the more basic models from Synology or QNAP would be ideal.

If you already have a laptop or desktop computer it will likely be able to run either Roon or a server such as Asset. You could try that first, then choose a dedicated device later once you have decided what server you want to run.

There are also a growing selection of branded ripper/server devices that are easier to set up, but cost more. For example, have a look at an Innuos Zen Mini which has both Roon and a UPnP server preinstalled, as well as storage, CD ripping and downloads.

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