NDX2 update to 3.3.1 - that was exciting

…rather more exciting than I expected.

I rather rashly jumped to do the update when I got the email - retirement seems to have made me a bit enthusiastic with upgrades, I always used to want to wait till others had gone first. [I’m still recovering from the Mac OS Catalina experience…]

Anyway, kicked off the process via the app, download completes pretty quickly, and the NDX2 switches off the ‘Naim’ logo and says ‘Updating’. The app had said it might take a while (as did the NDX with its updates) so I leave it to it, and come back about 15 mins later… No activity on the front display. Standby button is flashing in a 4/2/2 pattern but doesn’t respond if pushed. Mmmm. Check forum for any reference to this kind of stuff - don’t find anything.

Now, the sensible thing would be to ask for advice, but hey ho - switch off power at socket for 10 mins… [Its now 45 mins since I kicked off the update and the box isn’t responding at all…]

Power on - and it comes back to life as if nothing happened - except it has the new software and seems to work fine.

So I guess my question is: what does the 4-2-2 pattern of flashes actually mean, and should I worry about it?

You probably need to ask Naim support, unless one of the Naim guys sees this thread.

But if you have really given it long enough to complete, then turning it off and on again is always worth a try. After all, if it has to go and be unbricked, it’s going to need to be turned off and on again!



I have also just updated the ND5 xs2 to 3.3.1. (4306)

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I had the flashing light then went dead. After 2 minutes it started up again on its own and rebooted itself. Update installed. Think you could have just left it a bit longer…

Exiting times!!!

Now for the million dollar question - will tidal sound better through Apple air play 2 or the same as straight through the streamer?

I had exactly the same issue with a recent beta version of the app. Again, only pulling the mains plug and reinserting it would get any response from the streamer. When I did that, the update had completed and it’s been fine since then.

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Just updated mine. Took about 5mins. No issues.

The update also worked fine with my ND5 XS2.

Also without a hitch on mine.

No problems here

Hoping the qobuz is next


Nice update!!
Now Audirvana on my Mac mini is able to find my NDX2 via Upnp

Good list of fixes. Mine updated in no time. So much easier than all the faff with the older streamers.


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I’m new to this, my first update on a Naim unit. All went exactly as explained from the instructions in the app. Mine took only a few minutes…

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I take that back

My app has frozen

I should restart the app then, as a next step.



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Where can I find the list of 3.3.1 fixes @Richard.Dane ? I scanned the list before doing the update, then it disappears from the app.



Probably just me, but did the SQ improve just slightly with this update? Or could it just be the First quarter of the moon’s cycle for this month lol.

Graeme, I’ve asked R&D for it so I can post here.

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Thanks indeed Richard


Here are the fixes for 3.3.1:

New: AirPlay 2 Support
New: Added support for disabling remote control auto backlight when motion detected (New “Remote motion detect” setting in Naim app)
New: Support for third party UPnP controllers such as Audirvana and Bubble UPnP
New: Internet radio stations can be stopped and resumed by pressing the pause button

Fixed: No audio output if S/PDIF input is selected while input signal is already present when S/PDIF output is enabled
Fixed: Streamer would enter standby when monitoring S/PDIF input on S/PDIF output
Fixed: Audio level can sometimes unexpectedly drop and requires reboot to make it return
Fixed: Artwork shown on the front panel display could fail to stay in sync with the content being played (ND 555 and NDX 2 only)
Fixed: Spotify occasionally fails to login correctly
Fixed: Spotify volume changes not always reflected in Spotify app
Fixed: Link from iOS WAC completion screen does not take you to the Naim app on the App Store
Fixed: ALAC 24 bit files are reported as 16-bit
Fixed: Stream info missing on ALAC playback after natural track transition
Fixed: WAV playback from PLEX server can fail (L16 audio)
Fixed: Occasional multiroom dropouts when the Streamer is connected as a Multiroom client to a Mu-so playing UPnP
Fixed: Adding tracks to the playqueue can sometimes cause Spotify to resume if it was the last source playing
Fixed: USB input - Codec info missing on AAC, ALAC, OGG, WAV, WMA formats
Fixed: Static IP address setting would sometimes be lost after power cycle
Fixed: iRadio stations that use HTTPS protocol would not be listed
Fixed: Tidal logout via Naim app