Ndx2 vs CD555

NDX2 VS CD555 Which is better?

ND 555 + 2x 555 PS is better

Streamers are sterile, CD players are musical, my preference would be the CD 555 :slight_smile:


For a fair comparison you should compare NDX2/555PS and CD555 (obviously with 555PS)

But i think that other (much more important) factors than “which is better” come into play when choosing between these two.

Depends what you want to do…

The NDX2 will play (ripped) CDs. The CD555 sounds superb playing CDs but isn’t a lot of use if you want to use Qobuz…

I would have thought ND555 vs CD555 would be more of a fair comparison.


I thought CDs are sterile, vinyl is musical, or did I not get with the times?


Thats a different argument :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s so different, whatever is new there will be someone who does not like it. CDs contain the exact same digital data as streams, and the conversion to analog happens in the exact same way, in principle. The CD555’s sound may appeal more to some than the ND555, but that’s an implementation difference in the DAC, mostly. “CD players are [more] musical” makes no sense whatsoever, sorry to say. If someone likes handling CD cases and booklets, I can understand that (but was also an argument against CDs vs vinyl 35 years ago)

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I listening today once more a streamer.
Okay, it was “only” the ND5 XS.
But through the streaming, the music seems in my opinion a little to detailed with a loss in the medium part.
I had the same feeling with the NDX2.
So I think I would prefer the CD555!

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… as if the CD555 thread wasn’t enough, so let the worms Rock&Roll. :rofl: ATB Peter


Love my NDX2 and use it 90% of the time vs the CD :slight_smile:

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Hi Hawkmoon

The comparisons should be:

NDX2 vs CDX2 (with PS)

ND 555 vs CD 555



I have just replaced my much loved but under used CDS3 with an NDX2, keeping the XPS and adding a Core. Early impressions are that ripped CDs are close to my CDS3, perhaps a little smoother with a small loss in engagement. Streamed music varies tremendously but Qubuz and hi res can sound very good.

I am very happy so far as the investment is for new music, every day music and entertaining. When I really want to listen I will still be using the old fruit box!


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I recently compared my CDS3 with XPS non-DR to my NDX2 with 555 DR and thought approx. the opposite, the CDS3/XPS being perhaps slightly smoother and the NDX2/555 slightly more precise and in your face, but possibly even more engaging.

However, the real differences were very small and sometimes I could not hear any at all. I put it down to mostly the PS difference. I wanted to switch the PSes for comparison, but then the CDS3 went to somebody else and I didn’t.

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Yes the cds3 is supposed to much better with 555dr ps but I have not heard with this ps just non dr xps.

Interesting. Ultimately the NDX2 for me is a work horse for everyday listening. It’s certainly a high quality listen. I expect it will get more hours of use than the Linn but it will be the Linn that I turn to when I want to focus on the music. It’s nice to have radio too.

For me, the NDX2 with 555 and controlled by Roon does everything I need, in sound, convenience, and music choice. And now, with the firmware fixes over the past months, also wrt reliability (and without the constant sorrow of mechanical longevity). I even found a display mode I like, this was the hardest part :slight_smile:

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I use an NDX-FM/nDAC/555DR daily, versus CD555 non-DR on weekends. The latter sets the benchmark, IMHO; but neither disappoints me.

I am not sure that the raw potential of Red Book has any more to be extracted or derived — I would be delighted to be wrong!

I have heard the NDX2 at a dealer. Very good - and more capable in many ways than my NDX-FM, but not worth trading the FM function for, to me.



nDAC/555DR is hard to beat as well.

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Decent, anyway. :grin:

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