NDX2 vs Majik LP

Hi @Buns

A lot of us reached the same end-point. A Majik LP12 is a great choice, but really not the only one at that price. A Klimax+ LP12 has rivals too, but few have the flexible upgrade path from A to B, few have the dealer network and fewer still have vast numbers in existence - meaning that finding the right loading for a cartridge, or a new belt will definitely be easy in 30 years. Finally, those numbers mean that it is, and will stay, easier for most second-hand buyers to get (in one ticket or many) a high-spec LP12 than to find an also outstandingly good (if different) option from Vertere or SME or Michell or Avid. Even Rega’s excellent top tables don’t have the benefits that come from being ubiquitous quite like LP12s.

I’d also agree with the comments that the Stageline is ok but can easily be beaten. That means starting the discussion about what MM you have and what MM or MC you want, and whether to do that before getting a Lingo 4 for the LP12, or (if you bought the LP12 second-hand) a Karousel bearing. The upgrade path being such a slippery slope is of course also a reason for some to change from LP12s altogether…

FWIW, I reckon the difference in sound quality between Majik LP12 and NDX2 will be small enough that the winner will probably be decided by the state of your vinyl/ what streaming version of an album you are using. With the best vinyl, a couple of LP12 upgrades will put it definitely ahead on musical involvement, but an external power supply for the NDX2 has been found by many of us to make it comparable (if using good Hi Res recordings). It’s a pleasant arms-race.

And after all the generalisations, there will still be LPs where good vinyl is to most of us vastly better on even a modest turntable (e.g. Hot Rats, Tres Hombres, lots of Transatlantic-label folk) and a good deal more where streaming has everything that the LP has (e.g. Zeppelin or anything in the last 30+ years on the DG label).

Good luck!


I have an LP12 (from the 1980s) upgraded to Majik standard and a NDX2 which are played through a CB NAIT 1 and Linn Kans. I have to be honest and say that although the LP12 sounds very good the NDX2 is better and I find I spend 80% of the time listening to that rather than the LP12. The NDX2 is just so good, especially as you crank teh volume up. I’ve thought of upgrading the LP12 with Karousel/Lingo to make it sound better but I think the money would be better spent on a Power Supply upgrade for the NDX2. Just my opinion though and everyone’s taste are different


Indeed and this is the point I was alluding to in my earlier post - eg: don’t underestimate the NDX2. Some serious wedge may need to be expended to have the LP12 appreciably exceed the capabilities of the NDX2.

It all depends on whether that’s what the OP wants or whether he just wants to close the gap between his NDX2 and vinyl replay.


@Buns can I suggest a Rega P8/P10 with the Apheta 3 cartridge and the Rega £1k phono stage. The reason I suggest demoing this combo is because I recently wanted to add a turntable to my setup and decided on P10/Apheta 3/Aura. I wanted a vinyl set up that engaged me, did not sound noticeably worse than my ND555/Melco streaming solution and it does just that. Is the ND555 better? Depends on your ears. Both have a VERY SIMILAR sonic signature and both sound great. I have been very impressed. Neither pulls me in their direction, the music does that, if I have a record I want to play I play it and if I have music I want to stream I do just that. Most evenings are a blend and driven solely on what I want to listen to which was my ultimate goal.


totally argee with @Guinnless comments

demo is a must, I would find a Linn Specialist if possible and let your ears tell you - 2 or 3 decks should give you an idea and budget

I would not purchase of the shelf Majik - phono stage is not great, the rest of the deck is very good since the addition of Karsouel

on search I would seek out a Linn specialist you could build a deck for less than cost of Majik and over more music


An ex demo Clearaudio Performance DC became available at one of the online shops. Has anyone got any experience with their turntables and know how this would compare against Majik / RP8 or 10?

I would recommend you speak to a good Linn retailer, such as @Cymbiosis. There you would receive excellent advice regarding the LP12 as well as other brands. Because Peter takes in many preowned items from customers who are trading in and upgrading, he might be able to include such items in a turntable build which would then be a higher spec than Majik for a comparable price. If you search this forum, you’ll find others who have done just this. There are, of course, other Linn retailers.


Buns, Plenty of advice now. Best to go and listen. Off the peg is easy, it’s just a sale. However, listening to a client needs and then putting something together specifically targeted for those needs is an entirely different matter!:ok_hand:
Regards, Peter


Against popular opinion perhaps, but I’ve found you have to sped a heck of a lot of money on an LP12 to get it to sound as good as a NAIM classic series CD player or streamer. Of course, everything depends on the source material, also.

For what it’s worth, I currently have an NDX (Original) and an LP12 (Akurate’ish spec). I alternate between the two and the thought ‘Is one better than the other’ never enters my head. Ok they may be different but not in any way that matters to me.