Thinking about whether it would be a significant upgrade in sound to swap out my current 3 boxes for the single NDX2. A lot of people seem to rate the DAC inside the NDX2. What I do know is my DAC set up sounds way more lifelike than the inbuilt one on the ND5XS2.
Has anyone else made this change?

If you want to upgrade, then Ndx2/ Xpsdr is the way to go. On similar level as your 3 boxes set up. A bare Ndx2 would be a downstep.
Several threads on it already.


I doubt it would be significant and you’d only lose 1 box.

As @frenchrooster says there are many threads on this and it’s an age old argument as to whether NDX2/PSU bests transport/nDAC/PSU. Transport being ND5XS2 or NDX2, although most choose ND5XS2 as it has the same streaming board for far lower cost.

A lot of it seems to come down to system matching and personal preference.

I can tell you the NDX2 makes a fabulous digital transport, so maybe you can do what we’re about to and try both combinations above and settle on which you prefer. Could you get a home demo of NDX2?

If you prefer NDX2/PSU then nDACs are real easy to sell on.

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