NDX2 vs NDac +Node 2

I have a node 2 that goes into a ndac. As an amplifier I use an SN2 with a HiCap DR.
Now I’m considering whether I should replace this combination with an ndx2.
Is this a good idea? Thank you for support.

Can you demo the ndx2?
When I considered a similar swap I preferred the nDac when it was fed by a reasonable quality network bridge over the ndx2. I was surprised by the difference the transport made, replacing an old mac mini I was using beforehand.

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Replace Node with a used ND5 XS2 and use that as a digital transport in to ndac.


Replace the Node with an NDX2 as a digital transport into NDac :innocent:


I used a NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SN 2 with a pair of Naim Ovator S-400 speakers for awhile and thought it was fantastic. Do you have the capability to do a home demo? It does make for a wonderful three box solution. I did add an XPS DR power supply about six months after I purchased the NDX 2 and thought that was a lovely upgrade as well.

Plenty opinions have been offered on the forum in the past and the search feature can be your friend.

I’d pickup a pre-owned ND5 XS2 and run it thru the nDac. I believe that would give you the best SQ for the least money.


+1 for posts 3 and 7 :grin:

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Best answer, but include a 555PSDR :smile:

The nDAC is transformed by a PSU.

Seriously though we tried nDAC with a variety of digital sources and the better the transport the better the result. ND5XS2 is a very sensible suggestion, it has same streaming board as NDX2.

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I can’t get a home demo. If I use the ndx2 and the ndac, I have 2 very good dacs, but I would only use one of them. I find it almost “wasteful”…
I used the ND5XS2 on the Ndac before and it sounded very good. However, I could no longer change the volume with the roon app, so I decided against this. At the moment, however, I am very dissatisfied with the stability and, above all, the support of roon, so that this would no longer be reason.

Upgrade in stages then.

Then add a used PSU to the nDAC.

The ND5XS2/NDX2 are great digital transports.


I’d recommend a used Lumin U1 mini. Had one on my former 272. Great streamer.

I used a Sonos Connect and later a Port (I’d guess not too dissimilar from the node 2) into a Rega Dac, into an SN2. I replaced both Sonos and Port (actually I left the Port in for multiroom with other Sonos stuff) and Rega with a second hand ND5SX2 directly into the SN2 and I’d say there’s a significant improvement. The ND5SX2 has a much richer fuller sound to my ears. I’d suggest a ND5XS2 into your nDAC - I doubt youd be disappointed.


Damn so much love for the combo I have. I wish I could add something new but it’s all been covered.

The small thing I can contribute is I went down a similar path as the Node2 with a microRendu then an ultraRendu and multiple power supplies and dc cable upgrades etc. Bottom line is I spent almost the same amount as a new ND5XS2 and it came close to the SQ of the ND5XS2 but not quite. I could tell straight away the ND5X2 was a better streamer/dac and much easier to live with. I fell into a nDAC but that’s a story for another time.


This. The ND5X2 + NDAC will be great .Then if upgradis strikes you can add an XPS to the NDAC.

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Plenty of options and an ndac is still a great DAC especially with an external power supply, usually to be found for around £1k.
I’m tempted to get one myself, just in case!


Funny you mention this. I was thinking just the other day to buy another one (newer model year than my current one) and sell the older of the two or just keep it as a spare.

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Why not give a chance to the uniti core, the spdif connection is clean to the maximum

The Uniti Core is just a fancy NAS, and not even a cheap one. It can’t stream anything apart from the files on it’s own drive, an ND5 XS2 can do a whole lot more and for not much more than the cost of a Core, certainly easy enough to find under £2k without looking too hard.

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Yet another vote for ND5XS2/nDAC+PS :grinning:

It’s a source I’m unlikely to change, has a lovely rich tone that I love.


Okay, if you don’t like the idea of two DACs being “wasteful”, how about this for an idea…
Try the Innous Pulse streamer, into the ubiquitous nDAC.

FWIW, I’d go Naim ND5 XS2 + nDAC.
(Add a PSU if or when you can)

Good luck


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