NDX2 vs NDac +Node 2

Much better idea is to look at something without a DAC, you already have one in the nDAC, just put a XPSDR/555DR or some other PSU on it to separate the digital and analogue circuits.

In terms of a Network streamer there is the HoloAudio – Red – Network Streamer, the Weiss DSP501 or 502 - these will do a better job as a transport than a Node and you be buying boxes and only using 50% of the content.

This idea & recommendations of putting ND5XS2 or NDX2 ‘in-front’ of NDS or nDAC units is just nuts, unless you have share in Naim and need to drive their Sales revenue.

Hence suggestion of trying (demo) an Innous Pulse → nDAC.

However, the acid test should alway be your own ears.

Despite ND5 XS2 (or even NDX2 ) having own internal DAC - maybe that functionality being unused when it is paired with nDAC - this combo still sounds crazy good. Later, adding a PSU takes things to another level.

Let your ears decide, regardless of tech specs

Best wishes

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Sorry, I didn’t realize the nDac doesn’t have system automation. I have an NDS so the app will control the ND5XS2 thru the system automation.
I can highly recommend an NDS and sell on the nDac. A few members prefer the nDac, but if you tour the various threads on you’ll find that most prefer the NDS. There are many 500 systems in the membership that are using the NDS as their main streaming device, with no desire to upgrade.
It’s really too bad about the nDac with no S/A, because that would be the only reason to change to the NDS. The nDac is excellent.
And btw, I also run it thru an SN2.
Just some thots …

The NDAC does support system automation when used with a Naim streamer, ie the streamer can tell the DAC which input to select as it does with a pre or integrated amp. What it cannot do is control anything when used with a 3rd party streamer.

For me this is one of the reasons why using an ND5XS2 as a streamer to feed an NDAC makes sense in an all Naim system - if you are prepared to use some of the workarounds for Qobuz etc an old ND5XS also works well - its what I use.


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