NDX2 vs NDAC with XPS DR

It looks like a new NDX2 is within price range of a new XPS DR with second hand NDAC. Has anyone compared the two options? I currently have a Bluesound Node 2i that I could use with the NDAC if I went down that path (if the Bluesound wouldn’t embarrass itself). I stream local files via Roon and have Tidal at present.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

I haven’t done that comparison but did go from nDAC/XPSDR (into SN1/HC) to 272/XPS DR into 250DR and felt that was a significant improvement, but lots of components changed. It’s also worth noting that some prefer the XPS without DR on the nDAC (not me) and others say you really need a 555 to hear what the nDAC is capable of! Also I think the quality of the streaming section will have an effect on SQ. I don’t know how NDX2 would compare with your Bluesound as pure streamer, but I could take a guess.


Hi @Ericpike, Certainly agree with Roger. If I hadn’t already got a nDAC/555DR two years ago I might have gone down a non-Naim route. The Innuos Zenith with Audiophilleo + PurePower usb to spdif has been the revelation coupled with getting the Naim stuff working properly.


Thanks gents. Good points to consider. I had always assumed that the NDX2 was the next step, but the math did at least beg the question. I will look into the Innuos Zenith

I’d personally keep the Bluesound and use it as a pure streamer, and then try different DACs to feed your 262/250DR - eg the Chord Cutest, SMSL M400, RME ADI-2 etc.

I had a Bluesound Node 2i - for about 2 days!

Not a good streamer at all compared to ND5XS2, or 272/555DR.

I recently trialed an ndx2 as a replacement for my ndac (fed from roon via an Aries mini). As i am using roon it was only down to sound and not the streaming software. I found the ndx2 on its own an improvement over the aries/ndac combo but preferred the ndac when fed with the ndx2 digital out. With limited rack space available i could not fit the ndx2 into my system to use as a network bridge so looked at a few alternatives. Ended up choosing a bryston bdp3 which when paired with my ndac i much preferred over the ndx2.

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Thanks all. I currently use a Chord Qutest with the Bluesound. I like its detail but miss the Naim signature.

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