Ndx2 vs…

I just bought ndx2 for my sn3. My question is what streamer compares favorably to it. I could hear the difference between that and nd5xs2, however subtle, plus i hate to say it, the screen. Has anyone tried something that gives the same level of spaciality detail and refinement?

Your NDX2 and Supernait 3 can be further improved by adding an XPSDR to the NDX2 and a HiCapDR to the Supernait 3.

I have followed your other threads and I have some advice for you: You have only just bought it so enjoy the music and your system as it is.

You need to be careful about continually changing your system as it can become obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Try to be happy with what you have for a while!!


No doubt about it. My purpose here has been to build whole house audio system. I do believe that i now have 2 complementary systems. There is a good chance that i will keep them both for a very long time. My last system is 19 years old. (Linn Classik revel m22s). I bought 1/2 the system on audiogon for some very nice prices, i think that i can sell them and take minimal if any loss should i only use one of them. I do like experimenting and seeing the different synergies. I would have bought some oler pres but i want to be able to utilize digital and hdmi connections. There is some method to my madness. Thank you for your advice and consideration.

So are you building your 2nd system around the 250DR?

The ndx2 sn3/tunetot is one system, and the 272/250dr bowers 705 is another. I am trading in the atom i was going to get he atom stellias and sell the 272 but i like the 272, so instead im getting the power supplies, and will wait on some cans. Dont think im not going try the tunetots with the 250/272, or even better the 250dr with the sn3 as pre. Or even further the 272 as pre to the sn3 power.


That will be two good systems. What power supplies are you going for and for which systems?

Seems like your plans are coming together.

Hicap dr and xps, ther is a non-Naim PSU coming for the 272 as that piece is older out of warranty. Yes it is coming together nicely. My wife is even noticing the ease and naturalness with which music flows from my 272 system.

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That’s fantastic news. Once you’ve got those supplies in you should be set. Have you got equipment racks? It’s important to get decent racks for your wonderful systems.

I have a couple standard furniture racks/ media center type pieces. My son is working on finding something that will fit into the new decor that is coming. We are redecorating a few rooms. I have now done my part! Can you recommend some speaker cable for the ndx2 sn3 system.

Hi @Dfreshness
I have both the SN3 and NDX2.
They are a great 2 box system.
I like what a Power Line mains cable and Hi Line interconnect does for them but they’re not essential. They bring a subtle but discernible improvement. Both available for £350-£400 each on a well know website.

For a substantial improvement on your system @Dan_M has rightly pointed to the obvious power supply upgrades for each. You could go up another level again with a Supercap DR on the SN3 and PS555Dr on the NDX2 but most people would agree there are better ways to invest in your system.

Adding an XPS DR would be the obvious next step and it would make a terrific, well balanced system that is suitable for easy-to-drive speakers.

The question you have to ask yourself is do I want to constantly chase a ‘better’ sound - and embrace the financial outlay and associated maintenance (massaging burndies, cable management, specialist rack, dedicated mains, adding network switches - with a power supply!! etc etc) or can I be happy with what I have?

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple.


Naim NAC A5 is the standard recommnended speaker cable and it is very good. Witch Hat cables are good. There is the N2 and the Phantom. Naim do an expensive Super Lumina cable which is recommended by many here.

There are many other offerings from Tellurium Q and Chord which are compatible.

I use NAC A5 and Witch Hat N2.

You need a minimum of 2 x 3.5m lengths. You can only use certain speaker cables as they need the correct capacitance, inductance and resistance.

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The witch hat cables are good quality but for whatever reason their phantoms just didn’t work well for me in my set up will say they are good about honouring their 30 day trial so it only cost me return postage. My dealer @Cymbiosis recommends kudos ks1 cables as a nac a5 alternative, they were great about sorting me a free trial. The ks1’s were brilliant so I got my own 4m length set, will say speaker cables altered the sound more than I expected so its good to trial a few things at home if possible.


The Kudos KS1 speaker cables look really interesting and reasonably priced. Did you compare to NAC A5?

I didn’t sorry as I was looking for a more flexible cable, I wouldn’t mind hearing them at some point just for curiosity’s sake.

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I’ve heard a Rumour that the Kudos KS-1 is identical to one of the lower end Chord offerings……

Absolutely not!!

Historically, Kudos did use Chord Company Rumour for internal speaker wiring. Indeed Derek Gilligan the Kudos designer preferred Rumour to Odyssey.
However with the launch of the new X series cables a few years ago, Derek Gilligan decided it was now necessary to design his own loudspeaker cables which as I understand is what he did with the original supplier/cable manufacturer of Rumour. He was able to specify exactly what he wanted even down to the number of twists within the cable per metre. After an extended period of testing, the KS1 went into production and for a while was only supplied in a limited way to a few dealers such as ourselves. This was so as to fully test and establish the cable performed exactly as required. Once this was verified through feedback provided by these retailers to Kudos the cable was made available on general release through Kudos retailers.

#RichardDane, Richard, I know this post may slightly overstep the rules with regard to how retailers can comments on non-Naim products here But I feel in the interests of fairness and insuring only correct information is provided to members here that you allow this post stand please.
If you have issues please email me.
Regards, Peter


Apologies if I’ve crossed any lines. This was what I was told recently whilst discussing a demo for new speaker cables. If it’s incorrect I’m happy for my original post to be deleted by the moderator.

I thought it was a joke, Chord Rumour ….and rumour.


The system was delivered today. My dealer has an installation technician who put everything together and demonstrated the equipment in addition to integrating it with my existing av system. My wife came just as he was wrapping up and her jaw dropped when i played some adele, chris stapleton jackson brown and some of her other favorites. We spent the better part of the night putting a playlist together and planning a couple weekend trips and took a swim with our youngest son. This system is a bit of a lifelong dream, and a little bit of a reward for 10 years of sobriety. The real reward is that i have a beautiful family. Dont let the blues get you down- you are not alone.


I think this system is endgame for me outside of getting xps dr for the ndx2. It is cohesive and a treat to listen to. Im contemplating selling my backup system.