Ndx2 w spotify and apple tv vs just ndx2 w qbuz

So i just conducted a little experiment while trying to calibrate volume from my apple tv to my ndx2, and i hve concluded the superiority of the ndx2 as a streamer dac. I want to know if anyone has done similarly. Running spotify on appletv through ndx2 sounded good enough, I wanted to show my wife how to run it as it gets a little confusing with inputs on both the sn3 and ndx2, and apple tv is our tv hub. Many times ive wondered if im crazy that there is a real difference, and while the apple tv is ok. I find myself less drawn in, when im just running the naim app grabbing the same album through qobuz utilizing the ndx2 (playing Sting My Songs Live) only, in both instances thru the Sn3 and my tunetot rel combo. Its remarkable the difference really. Am i bonkers? Anyway ive not regretted stepping up to the ndx2. What could sound better?

So you are comparing Spotify with Qobuz?

What could sound better?

Qobuz is CD quality or better.
Spotify is not.
I will leave you to make a decision.

Hi, Spotify at its highest quality is 320kbps mp3 quality (or maybe aac?). So there’s really no surprise that qobuz is better, assuming you have selected cd quality or hires. Lossy vs lossless.

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