NDX2 will not play Qobuz through Naim app

Hi all,
This morning my NDX2 would not play Qobuz through the Naim app. It will play if I send the Qobuz music through Audirvana or if I send it from the app via Chromecast, but not if I try to use Qobuz as embedded in the NDX2. What happens is the play button for the Qobuz album is unresponsive: nothing happens. The NDX2 just shows the Home screen.
I have tried a hard power-down by pressing the power button for 3 seconds and also deleted and re-installed the Naim app but this makes no difference.
There is no problem playing files from my NAS using the app and Qobuz seems to work without problem within its own app.
I am using version 3.4.0 (4492) of the firmware. Any help would be appreciated!


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