NDX2 with olive amps

Hi all,
Am now looking to get into the world of streaming for the first time (better late than never!) and would appreciate any advice on the pros and cons (if any) of using a NDX2 with my olive amps. I have the NAC 82/supercap and NAP250 all given a full re-cap service by Class A in 2016 and am happy with them with my source of LP12, CDS3 (serviced/new VAM mech in 2017 by Naim)/XPS DR and Micromega FM tuner.

From what I gather I think I should be able to simply plug the NDX2 into the back of the 82 and stream away using my BT home hub wi-fi without the need for any other bits and bobs. From my basic understanding it seems an ethernet wired connection to the BT Hub may be “better” and although this wouldn’t be impossible it would involve running the cable through a couple of internal walls as the Hub is in another room (where the master BT wall socket is located) so I’m planning to see how I get on using the wi-fi connection instead. I have also read that using a service like Tidal (£20 a month?) would give an improved sound quality rather then Spotify so that may be something I will need to consider.

If anyone out there is happily streaming away through their much loved olives and have any advice/tips on using an NDX2 with them, set up etc I would be most interested to hear.

Looking forward to when I can arrange a home demo.

I think you pretty much have captured the essence of it Terry, your Olive amps will be fine. I prefer a hard wired ethernet connection via an ethernet switch between router and streamer, can be fairly cheap at various shops online. I personally prefer Qobuz, its £14.99 and has a good selection of Hirez music.
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I home demoed the NDX2 with my 52/135s, as you suggests a simple DIN-DIN connection to one of the DIN inputs. (I bought the ND555, but the principles are identical.) I’m Ethernet connected, but if you have good wifi coverage that’ll be fine. Most of my streaming is of files stored on my local NASes, but I also stream Qobuz and Tidal, and again it’ll work as you say, and sound very good. I’d suggest having a look at Qobuz as well, in the U.K., it’s £5/month cheaper than Tidal.


Welcome to the forum @terry2020.

@davidf is running an NDX2 through a 52/supercap/135 system and is very happy with it. I’m sure he will be along in due course, and would be able to offers tips and guidance about getting the best out it.

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All sounds like you are spot on. FYI, have a look at this link for Tidal, which I just signed up to.

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Thanks for all the replies. I’ll have a look at Qobuz and GadgetMan’s link for Tidal

Gazza - is the purpose of the ethernet switch you mention so you can disconnect your streamer from the internet when not in use?

All you need is a cable from an Ethernet port on your router to the NDX2. You can add a switch if you need more ports for other devices, that’s what they are for. There is also a whole debate about how switches might also have some effect on sound quality, which I suggest you should ignore at least until you have first got the streamer up and running.
The WiFi on the current Naim streamers is pretty good, so that may well be all you need.

Finally, another vote for Qobuz here if it’s available in your location.

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Terry, I used an NDX with my 82/Supercap and 250 Olive system for several years before getting my new system and it was superb.

Having recently heard a NDX2 in my system I think you will overjoyed with the results.

Just make sure that you have a good solid ethernet connection.

Happy listening.

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OK, thanks ChrisSU. My home WiFi seems pretty reliable running my desktop computer (in upstairs study), TV Firestick downstairs and phone/tablet all round the house so I will try it first without the cable. The BT Hub has an unused ethernet port on the back so I could always use that should it be necessary.

I found a sound quality benefit in not having it connected to the router directly…though that may be my rather ageing virgin media hub2. But they are convenient if you have other items needing connecting in the vicinity.

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Cheers pod, that’s good to know!

Thanks Gazza, I’ll bear that option in mind.

Terry, I started streaming 3 months ago.
I replaced Olive cds2/xps with an ndx2/xpsdr into Olive 52/supercap/135s. I use Kudos Titan T88s
No regrets whatsoever.
Highly recommended- sound quality excellent.
Easy to hook up. I direct wire from my router to the ndx2 -I use an Uptone ER switch which is a nice upgrade over a standard switch. Connect ndx2 with standard 5 pin-5pin interconnect- I happen to use a Chord Sarum T cable. Naim lavender would be fine.
It works great and sounds great as well


Hi Terry,
Another user of 52 / S.c / 135 here.
A combination of Streamer as a source for this lineup surpasses the use of the cd player that preceded it.
Recommends using highline interconnect between the pre and streamer.
Another option-
Using ND5XS2 plus NDAC with or without a p.s depends on your preference.
I liked the musical result of this combination, compared to the NDX2

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Thanks David and Ditton.

Being able to stream with just the addition of one more black box and using my current Olives is a plus for me especially if the sound is going to be as good or even surpasses my cds3. I think getting the cds3 was the main reason (that and funds!) why my upgrades came to an end when they did- it gave me (and still gives me) such listening pleasure I just called it a day, sat back and enjoyed the music :slightly_smiling_face:
If I get the same with the NDX2 then that’s me sorted!


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