Ndx2 with ps555 vs ND555

Hi guys

Just a quick one… I can’t fault my ndx 2 to be honest, it’s amazing with the ps555 … Is the ND555 worth the upgrade… considering a part exchange.

Yes……it is a big step up imo, if you can get a deal go for it

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No then.


For me the ND555 us a very clear step up from the NDX2, but not enough of a jump to persuade me to part with that much cash, so I passed. You may disagree, but you need to listen for yourself - to both the ND555 and your bank manager.


Only way is to go try, but also try a few others as you may find a even bigger upgrade

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I never test listened to be honest… bought it all S/H. Had a few ‘wrong buys’ but I’m set in the 500 path so it’s a bit if a must I guess…
Just very interested in what the other burndy connection will bring :joy:

When I tested NDX2 vs ND555 it was through a Supernait 3 and HiCap DR. Although that amp set up doesn’t really get anything like the best out of either source, the ND555 was clearly better to me, with an effortless sound that seemed right. Now I just need a matching 552!


Cheers guys

Gonna make an offer tomorrow…
Let you know the results…

Andy, been using a ND555 for over three years but I did use a NDX2 in my system when the ND555 went back to Naim for repair this was when I was using a 252.

The NDX2 is superb but the ND555 is much better all round as it should be at the additional cost. I’m sure you won’t regret the upgrade.

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Thank you…

Thats a sound bit of advice…


I home demoed the NDX2/555PSDR and the ND555, and for my ears in my system there was a significant difference, which is why I have the ND555.

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Do you think I’m strangling it all? As I play most of my music through Qobuz?
Sold all my CDs years ago

Andy, I use Qobuz with my ND555 and also listen to ripped CDs via my Naim Core very little to choose between the two sometimes I prefer an album on the Core and vice versa and at times I am pleasantly surprised how good a ripped CD can sound.


I have about 700 ripped CDs on a HD plugged in to the ndx2 and I can hardly hear the difference to be honest…I’ve done a ‘Pepsi challenge’ a few times with friends and the results are very mixed…

I’m curious pcd on your comments

Are you saying a ripped CD through Core is roughly of the same quality as quobuz through ND555 - not always but in general terms ?


I very hardly believe that someone will post that both are very close. But we never know.

I’d stay away from this thread @Bevo if I was you. The ND555 is better, of course. It’s also over $50K down under.

But is an ash grey NDX2 better than a black ND555?

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There isn’t an ash grey NDX2, so probably not.

Give it time.