NDX2 with suited headamp

I purchased an Atom HE recently and its stunning with Focal Clear MG. I plan to sell my main system, but NDX2 is hard to sell up here and I wonder...... if theres any experience in here using NDX2 directly connected to a headamp, rca to rca while I await sale?

There`s a Lehmann Drachenfels available nearby. Will the Lehmann work and is there any obvious alternatives in the same pricerange?
Used with headphones like Focal and tt should equal or better the headamp in SN3/HCDR. (looking for less boxes).

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The obvious choice would be a HeadLine2 HCdr. But the HL2 is discontinued so you’ll both need to find it second hand and resolder the DIN lead for line out (it’s wired for record out) or send it to Naim for this.

Although single ended, balanced headphone driving isn’t the last word in headphone amps. It’s a nice to have, not a must.

If you want something a bit more exotic, there are just an incredible number of headphone amps on the market and many are very good. And they’d be able to use regular RCA out on the NDX too.

I have a HL2/HCdr and felt it was end game at the time. Then I got a Luxman SQ-N150 tube amp that drives headphones or speakers from the same output stage. It blew the HL2/HCdr out of the water. Single ended but if the headphones justify the expense, it’s sublime.


Thanks fz. Yes, HL may be the obvious choice, I even have a HC already. Still, I have this sales plan and need a simple, mainstream solution. Kind of vfm with it`s compromizes, therefore Lehmann.

If I should keep the NDX2, as you say there`s a lot of options out there as Headamp, Violectric.
PS! I have noticed your Luxman ownership during search function :blush:, exciting but not an option.


I use the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk. 2 with my NDX2 and Audeze LCD-X. Sounds incredible!

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Thanks, thats an option. I will look into the Headamp Gilmore.


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