Ndx2 with xps

Hi, I had a ndx2 set up with Yamaha means cctv 520 kef r11 rel t9 subs 2number. Sounded great with just the ndx2 try to improve with the XP’s dr but don’t here no difference. Running all through isotek nova. With shawline rca and xlr between amp and pre amp
When music is playing it says 44.1 aac in tidal how do I get it to play hi res. 24 192
Any ideas I am not that cloud up on settings


Your post is a bit hard to understand. What is a Yamaha means cctv 520? Is it an amplifier?

Did you try the XPSDR before buying it? Maybe the difference is simply not very big to your ears. Most people think it makes a big difference.

I would try without the Isotek.

Tidal does not provide 24/192 streams.

To you mean a Yamaha RX-V520 A/V receiver, with Dolby 5.1?
If so, this seems to be a pretty mundane amp (with a cost of a few hundred Dollars when it was new) and the NDX2 with XPS is overkill for it. Even a bare NDX2 would be questionable.

And what does “xlr between amp and pre amp” mean? Where is the preamp?

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I have the mx 5200 and cx 5200
With 2 t9 rell subs
Naim ndx2
Kef R11 speakers.
Shawline speaker and rca cables
Audio quest xlr between pre amp and amp. MCUR 0.75 mains cables through out all fed through isotek nova.

Just wanted to know how to stream 24 192 as I can’t be sure I am. I have tried to use Qobuz but it won’t let me subscribe just offers me trial run. All I can play is samples.


Sorry it’s not a pre amp it’s an av receiver


Ah, mx/cx 5200. Now I get it :slight_smile: Well, if the XPS makes no big difference in your setup, be glad and save the money. However, I would try it without the Isotek to see if it changes anything.

@Richard.Dane FYI, there seems to be an issue with this member’s username and the forum software. When I try to quote him, I get this:

Interesting. Thanks. Yes, the platform is American, and its likely to be a filtered word. I’ll look into it.

It surely is a filtered word, I suppose that words on the filter list should not be allowed as usernames either :slight_smile:

Qobuz should work fine through the Naim app, with full functionality even if you’re just in a free trial period. Sounds like perhaps you are not signed in.

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