NDX2 with XPSDR - where next?

Hi all

I’m confused as where to go next. Not sure if it’s worth keeping the XPSDR if I go to an external DAC like the Chord Dave? What does the XPS power?

Has anyone gone from my set up to external DAC or gone to a ND555 with XPSDR?


ND555 needs a 555ps, cannot use an XPSDR,

It’s the other way around. People go from NDX2/XPSDR to NDX2/555PS. As stated already, XPSDR cannot be used for ND555.

The path is…

and cables…

and power cable…



@Simon-in-Suffolk had tried Ndx2 with Dave. The xps dr is not useful in that configuration.
@Nick.Lees has an Ndx/ Dave.

You can add a 555 dr to the Ndx2 , to go further. Then later replace the ndx2 by an Nd555.

Depends where you are heading. Superlumina and Powerlines will give great improvements without worrying about box changes, and can be carried forward if you upgrade boxes later on.


With Dave I would suggest that you consider an ND5XS2 as digital transport. This would free up some cash to spend elsewhere. It can be difficult to ignore your expectations, but worth doing the demo.

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And a open cheque book … :rofl:

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I was thinking a very healthy HELOC. :rofl:


Agree. Just get the correct Length I moved house and thought 3 m or superlumina would do but needed 5M as I changed the placement of set up . Doh

What is the power line ? Is that the cable into the box from mains power ?

Yes, that’s it.

Specifically Powerline is the high end Naim mains cable.

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Thanks - main query was if the power supply becomes redundant if using an external DAC? Not sure what the XPSDR powers. If its the analogue outputs it won’t be needed.

The XPS powers everything - the NDX2 lead must be unplugged.

Ah , I have power line lite . The power line is the upgrade then ?

Yes, the blurb on that link describes the features. It shares the wall plug with wobbly pins of the Lite, but takes the physical decoupling much further at the equipment end. I think they’re £600 at the moment.

Cheap as chips then

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…business must be very good Mike! :wink:

Still looking for an answer re benefit of using XPSDR if using an external DAC?

If using a Chord Dave (or similar) - will NDX2 to Dave be any worse or better than NDX2/XPSDR to Dave?

Thanks all

I just added a Chord Hugo TT2 and Mscaler to my NDX2 - and I am in love.