Ndx2/xps dr vs ndx2/555 ps dr

Hello everyone
Has anyone compared the two combinations? Can you tell me the difference?

3 times more expensive but not 3 times better. I had before xps2 on my nds and now 555 dr. It’s like going from standard power cord to powerline, in terms of the importance of the upgrade. If not planning to have later the nd555, i would stay with an xps dr and invest in other areas, personally.
Or get an 555 ps non dr for a good price and make dr one day…

Thank you for your reply, but I am very impulsive. I ordered 555 psdr the other day. So it’s hard for me to choose the next upgrade. Should I upgrade ndx2 to nd555 or 200/202 to 252/300?

if you want to stop your impulsivity, by now the naim statement pre and amp, JBL DD600, nd555/ 2 X 555dr, full loom superlumina, an hrs rack, and you will be satisfied for some months !


It can only be a dream.

so, more seriously, without hesitation, the 252/300 first. The gap between the 202/200 is stellar .

I see. Thank you for answering my silly question.

was not silly at all, because in general it is better to upgrade the source. However the 202/200 will not reveal the nd555. 252/250 is a minimum, but your speakers will benefit from more power too.

I didn’t supply power for NDX 2, but I went to my friend’s house and heard the voice of NDX 2 + xpsdr + DAC + xpsdr. The steady voice makes it hard for me to forget. So I found the importance of power supply and chose 555 PSDR.

Go for 552 skip the 252:)

It’s hard for me to do that right now. : )

Have you bought the kronos Emre?

No I am selling my Dr. Fieckert…

I recently moved to Saudi Arabia, no dealers here for buying or setting up

So no turntable for me till I turn back to home…

I bought a cd555 tough,cheaper :slight_smile:

protect your cd555 from the sand…he may not like it

You joke but every 2 week there is a sand storm and my balcony becomes like a small beach:) but it is 26c now, very nice weather

i was not joking. I saw on tv that owners of high end cars like ferrari or bugatti don’t want to use them a lot because of the sand, not good for the motors. In Dubai i think remember.

Cd555 is pet, smoke and sand free:)

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