NDX2/XPS problems

Thanks Gazza I see it now


I know it is often difficult to see in situ, back of the rack.

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You are 100% right. A picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind.

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Got my XPSDR back. They said it was just a fuse after all, therefore the replacement fuse I was given must have been a dud. Still at least that saved me nearly 400 notes. Warming up nicely and already sounding much better. Hadn’t realised how much I missed the XPS until I got it back. Much more engaging and has warmth that the solo NDX2 doesn’t have (good as it is). I fear though I am on the slippery slope to upgrading my speakers!


It’s always worthwhile to have some spare fuses off the correct type. My XPS and SuperCap blew the internal fuses during a split second power cut.

Didn’t realise there was no spare as I bought it exdemo and never checked. Now have spares!

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