Good morning! Such a question: there will be an increase in quality if you buy XPS to NDX2. Or will the addition of a power supply bring no improvement? And is such a connection even possible? Or still tighten your belt and buy XPS DR?

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Yep, tighten your belt, suck it up and get the XPS DR. When mine went in, it never went out again until I came across a used 555PS. The XPS DR is a very good upgrade to the NDX2, assuming the rest of the system is up to it.


Get the DR. This is the clever tech that goes a long way to providing a low noise/stable/flat DC supply. Helped by a oversized transformer and modest capacitance. I say modest as compared to the 555psu it’s small. And for an ndx2, what likely makes the difference that most can hear between the two.


Thanks! About what I expected.)))

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You can always buy a second hand XPS and have it upgraded to DR spec by Naim.

  • Unfortunately , it is not possible to do this in our country, Russia! I have already tried to update SuperCap)))

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