NDX2/XPSDR: power off sequence

hi everybody, regarding the topic, should I first put the NDX2 in stand-by and then power the XPSDR off, or just power the latter off?


Leave the XPS on anytime. The NDX2 can be configured to go into sleep mode. If necessary to power down: I would power off the NDX2 first and than the XPS.


This applies to any XPS powering anything - !!! The XPS is ‘well known’ around these parts, for a tendency to blow its own fuse - and sometimes more than that. Any XPS owner should keep a stock of the correct fuses - AND - keep is powered all the time, if at all possible.

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Slight oddity with a ndx2 powered from an xpsdr.
Whilst the ndx2 does go to sleep, it is kept alive by, quite clearly, the LPS of the xpsdr rather than a SMPS that lives inside the ndx2 for sleeping. I.e. it may not actually save much electricity.

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