Neat Acoustics Orkestra Reveal Video

Today I’ve read the anouncement of this new speaker on a Dutch website (not sure if it is allowed to post a link):

Using Google Translate:

"The Neat Orchestra is in principle a combination of elements from the Ekstra and the prestige model Ultimatum XL6, the famous speaker with 6 drive units. The Orkestra is a 2.5-way design with a 75mm ribbon tweeter, and three Peerless 170mm speaker units. For a full-range model, the Orkestra has a very small footprint, easy to place in smaller spaces. The combination of a solid bass and detailed reproduction in the middle and high should make the speaker a suitable partner for every genre, according to the manufacturer.

In the upper part of the floorstander is the tweeter and a 170mm drive unit for bass and midrange, with which that part functions as a closed 2-way speaker in itself. The compartment is closed off from the lower part, where you will find two downward-facing 170mm units in isobaric configuration for the bass, as a sort of integrated subwoofer. The crossover is a minimal design, hard-wired with point-to-point connections for maximum integrity."

Also worth mentioning that there is also a “Neat Orkestra Reveal Video” available …

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Good find. Interesting vid too.

Yes, they look very interesting. A UK dealer also revealed them on Instagram last night, and if as good as the Ekstra they should be something special. Essentially a beefier Ekstra with six inch bass drivers. Hope they are an easy load for the amplifiers too.

Looks really interesting but possibly too big for my room.

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