Neat acoustics Xplorer or Proac d20r with a SN2 plus Nap200DR with HiCap. Let's get the ball rolling. Speakers about 6 inches from the walls

Neat acoustics Xplorer or Proac d20r. With SN2 Nap200DR with HiCap speakers about 7 inch from walls. Let’s get the ball rolling. In layman’s terms please nothing to heavy

My gut feeling is that the Explorers would be happier that close to the wall than the Proacs, although on paper, both would be better off a little further out into the room. Every room is different though, so there’s no substitute for a home demo.

Definitely the Xplorers. Superb speakers and seriously under rated. Work great close to a rear wall

Having recently had the ProAc D20Rs in for a home demo I’d say that although they are not as fussy as some, they were happier about 25" from the wall (measured from the tweeter). They definitely don’t need to be against a wall to reinforce the bass as the cabinets are big and the bass nice and deep. Too deep for my room which is why I eventually bought the D2Rs.


I’ve got Xplorers that close to the wall with my Star, either side of a chimney breast, Sounds superb
I got 2 marble chopping boards to sit them on.


Hi guys thanks for all the feedback

Just to confirm pretty much what others have said. I had a pair of D20R before my current SCM40 speakers (oh! Just remembered they’ve gone as well now) and they really were not happy closer than 2ft from the wall.

Hi Many thanks I think I’ll stick with me Xplorers then .Apart from the R2D2 looks from Star Wars there damn good speakers

I think they look great. You could always get some SL2s or SBLs…

…late to the party, but thought I would mention with the two sets of ProAc speakers I have used D2’s and D30R’s were both 21" from the back wall.

Don’t see much about the Neat Explorer here. I have heard it at a dealer and admired it. Would love to hear more comments on it with the Star or Nova or other Naim systems.

A friend borrowed my Nait 2 and used it with Xplorers and a Chord Qutest. Said it was amazing. The caveat is I did not hear it with my own ears.

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