Neat Ekstra

@Westcroft What did you compare them to? I am especially curious to learn how they compare against the Motive SX2/SX3’s, if these were on your list.

…and SX1s

I compared them to both the Motive SX2 and SX3. I have enjoyed the SX2s in particular for a number of years. The Ekstras are very clearly from the same stable in terms of general presentation of the music. However they are significantly stronger in both upper and lower ends so the response across the frequency range sounds completely consistent. Also slightly more dynamic, significantly more clarity and presence. Also compared to PMC, B&W and Dynaudio.

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@Westcroft Thank you. I definitely need to hear them now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Going back to my post of 16th August. FInally got the chance to audition the new Neat Ekstras versus ProAc D20R and Harbeth 30.2 (front end a NDX2 / 272 / 250DR). For me, and it is only a personal view of course, I liked the Ekstras the best. They were forward and exciting to listen too, but in a good way, plus good bass and treble and a sweet mid. By comparison the ProAc had a very sweet treble and reasonably good mid, but the bass was way over the top - too loud and flabby for me. The Harbeths were, well, very Harbeth, good honest reproduction but for me not quite forward enough. So, what did I finally purchase - none of these! I thought I would do a quick experiment and see the effect of doubling my speaker budget - I listened to the Sonus Faber Olympia II floor standers. These blew me away, infact they brought tears to my eyes listening to Lydia Ainsworth (Afterglow). Overall, slightly forward, superb clarity, well balanced bass / mid / treble. I have now got the Olympias home and they are everything I wanted and more. I am a very happy camper (or should it be listener?).
So, inconclusion, my speaker purchase shows up what we all know already - speaker choice is personal, auditions are essential…and it can help if you have a “flexible” budget!


Oh drat - finger trouble - my last post should read Sonus Faber OLYMPICA not OLYMPIA!!!


I had a similar experience ending up with the Sonus Faber Olympica 1… they are rather special aren’t they. Congratulations, enjoy!

Not heard the Neat Ekstra, but they look a nice package and I’ve liked a lot of Neat speakers that went before these. Neat do have a nice synergy with Naim.

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Glad to see another Naim user listening via Sonus Faber. I also tried the Olympica I but on balance I was drawn more towards the II. The Olympica I though was certainly a very, very fine speaker and IMHO better than the Ekstra. What impressed me with the Olympica I was the amount of bass it can produce from such a small box. I recon they must be like the Tardis and much larger inside than they are outside!!

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I suspect that the Ekstras will require loads & loads of running in before sounding their best. I know my own SX2’s took months & months of fairly hard-ish driving before coming anywhere near optimum…

You are probably correct with the running in time. I have heard a range of times for Neat speakers from 100 hours to several months as you suggest. The ones I auditioned were just 3 weeks old and I suspect had a maximum of 100 hours (?) use. I certainly would not write them off as not worthy of an audition, it’s just on the day, with my ears, the source and probably the Ekstras running in time the Olympica II’s won out.

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Does anybody happen to know if the Ekstra’s are reviewed already somewhere?

Hi @Klout10, I too am always looking for reviews but haven’t found any yet. I am very keen to consider them along with Kudos S20, Spendor A7, PMC 25.23 which are all similar sizes (just shorter) and should be able to be placed very close to a rear wall.
I would love to try Dynaudio Evoke 30 speakers but their rear port means I couldn’t place them against the rear wall.
Anyhow, back to the Ekstras, I would love to hear them as I am intrigued by their isobaric bass loading and particularly the ribbon tweeter. I currently have the Motive SX1s.

There was a favourable review in the August issue of HiFi+ magazine

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Hi @Markitect, I cannot find it. Is it on-line? If so, any chance of posting a link?
Many thanks.

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No idea if it’s online I’m afraid - I’m old school (ie old!) and bought the mag from WH Smith!

Seems like we’re in a similar situation. I too have (and very much like) SX1s, which I bought after auditioning 25.23s at home, to replace PMC GB1is. Have only heard Ektras briefly at Bristol show, having previously had a yearning for SX5is but concluded they were too big for my room.
Thinking maybe the Ekstras would be a step sideways rather than meaningful upgrade, and had thought (hoped) that Kudos S20A would tick all the boxes, but found the top end a bit harsh when I listened to them at a dealer.



Nice looking setup. How did you like the Qutest? What were they using as a server? Did it dance well with the Neat and Naim components?


I didn’t enquire in detail about the digital source, only recognised it as being a Chord DAC & Raspberry Pi. When I first entered the Neat room the digital source was playing through the Nait2 and Ekstras, and sounding very good indeed. A couple of tracks later Bob switched to the Versalex, which I did prefer, although there was little in it - could have lived with the sound from both sources very happily and neither showed any glaring deficiencies. A superb system all round, and just shows what can be done with a simple approach.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Still hoping for more feedback and reviews on the Ekstra…