Neat Ekstra

They are still too new I guess …

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Pleasing to see the news that the Neat Ekstra received a Hi-Fi+ Highly Commended Award for “High Value Speaker of the Year”.

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Excellent speakers and fully deserve all the praise.

Can you tell how far are the S-Ffrom the back wall?

Hi Leni,
The SFs are about 20cm from the rear wall, about 2.25m apart and toed in by around 25-30 degrees. This makes almost an equilateral triangle to my primary listening position. I tried a variety of positions and angles and this worked best for my room. Closer to the wall they were too “boomy” and at a lesser toe in angle the sound stage wasnt good with a “sound gap” in the centre.
As ever with speakers its all about trial and error on positioning - when you get it correct the SFs sing! Enjoy.

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Thanks a lot.

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