Neat Petite ii with Naim 5i

Anyone had Naim Petite 11 speakers with a Naim 5i?

I have a. 4 x 3.5 x 2 mtr room with a small recess on either side of the fireplace and a straight bay window 0.5 mtr depth 1.25mtr height x 2mtrs long.

I’ve had several Petite editions, my favorite were the very first ones and the recent SX.
Both with dome tweeters
I never came on with those having the Ribbon tweeters, neither the Elite which used same tweeter in a particular model.
At least look for a home demo before decision.

A bonus these speakers works close to rear wall, perhaps that placement is good in your room.
A 5i will be fine although they can transform with a pre/power or Supernait.

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Thanks for for your comments.

I think Neat is match with all Naims

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Assuming they work in your room they will be great.


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