Neat SX1 or Momentum4i?

I know the momentum for eye is an older model but also one level up which one of the two would you say is a better speaker overall ?
thank you

It would be system dependent as to which one is better
But looking at your profile I’d say SX-1’s would be the better match

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Your system doesn’t seem to be very well balanced. The source may well not be up to the amplifier, and the amplifier isn’t really up to the ProAcs. If it were me, I’d be looking at the source and then the amp.

As to the speakers, the Momentums are the best in absolute terms. A pair of Motive SX2 would be a better match for your amplifier. But are they better than the ProAcs? Very likely not.

I used to run a NAIT5si with a pair of Motive SX2 speakers. Great match, especially when fronted with a ND5 XS 2 or a CD5si. Well tasty system😋

Thank you all for inputs. Actually I’ve just bought a used Simaudio Moon i5.3 and it’s quite resolving, I was thinking to build a second system with Neat speakers. I came across few pairs in the used market and that’s why the question.

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