Neat Ultimatum MF7 speakers

i’ve asked Richard Dane to send you my email address. Cheers

Thanks very much. I was struggling to work out how to contact you with my email.

I’m afraid I can’t really offer you any useful information, other than to say that Naim with the MF7 was the combination that left me in awe and drew me into Naim back in the early 2000’s.

On the end of a well set up CDS 3, 252, 300 and cabled with high end Nordost offerings, it was simply a stunning and totally captivating sound. Speaker technology may have moved on, but I suspect most have just been catching up with the MF7’s! :wink: They really are rather special and I think quite rare too; I have rarely seen or heard of them since, but still secretly hanker after a pair - even though my room still won’t accommodate them :cry:
I really hope they capture your imagination as well as they did mine… enjoy.


I have not heard the MF7’s, but I almost bought a pair of MF5’s from my local dealer. Unfortunately I was short of funds at the time he was selling them. They are wonderful sounding speakers, I heard them with a Chord Blu2 and my TT2 Dac, with a Belles amp driving them. Here are a few photos of the MF5’s at his home, which doubles as a demo room, so not very tidy.

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They are definitely captivating me. I am running them with Nac52/Nap300. Wow! I can’t believe how good these sound. I think they are pretty rare. There is very little information on MF7 on the internet. I am very lucky to have found these.


Lovely photos. I’ve not heard the MF5 but the MF7 partnered with my Nap300 is fantastic. I love the colour and finish of those MF5s in your photos. That would have been my preferred finish but the pair I found are in figured Birch. Still very nice.


Yes the finish of these really pops in person. I used to own a pair of Iota’s, which I had paired with a UQ2. I then had a pair of Motive SX1’s for a week long home demo a few years back. That was when I had a 272/XPSDR/250 DR, that was a real toe tapping combo, but I ended up with a pair of Taksim Reference 3A’s at that time.
The MF5’s really can dig deep, and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to use them to their potential, because I now live in an apartment building…so I went in a different direction, plus I had no funds to buy them. The dealer I got my Peak Consults from, took a bunch of my home theatre gear in on trade, but the one with the MF5’s would only do a cash deal.

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