Neat ultimatum XL10

Is anybody here use Neat ultimatum X10 speaker with Naim electronics…if so how good Is this combination together? …please I like to know


Can’t speak for the XL10, but I’ve been running it’s largely similar predecessor, the Neat MF9, with my 500 series Naim kit, identical to yours … … … just stunning, and, like all Neat speakers right across the range, serious synergy with Naim gear.

Before deciding on my NAP 500, I did a home demo of ATC active speakers … … … no comparison … … … the Neats wiped the floor with the highly accurate, yet strangely soulless ATCs.

I’m obviously a fan of Neat speakers, which are hugely musical, but a home demo, with your ears, and in your room is probably essential.

Hope this helps.


This sums up my experience, albeit I’ve not long had the MFS. Seems like a match made in heaven. I’ve heard Naim with Neat a few times previously at customer houses and shows etc, always seems to work well!

No experience with the XL10 specifically but I have heard several of the XL and the previous MF (Ultimatum) range. I still own MFS as I cant bring myself to sell them, in case I can find a suitable space to set them up again in the future. I can only support what Dave said, they have superb synergy with Naim and are hugely enjoyable. Neat were the darling of the Naim forum for quite some time and I’m not sure why that stopped - we are often fickle followers of fashion… Possibly also because they are not the most room friendly speakers as they generally need some space around them. If you can accommodate them, they should be a great match for your NAP500.


Cant imagine my Neat Mystique 2s could have sounded great with any electronics. A rather lack lustre speaker with most electronics I’d expect.
But who knows? Someone will jump in and tell me how great they were on the back of a 500 system or even a statement.

One of the best systems I ever heard was XL10s on a 500 system, superbly engaging. But will depend on your room.

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I understand from what you said that Neat ultimatum X10 speaker will not play good enough in my room …my room size is only 18 sqm,probably too small for this speaker

@Meni, in your shoes, and room, I would consider the ProAc K3 (not K6; these are best suited for larger rooms, mine around 45 square meters and fabulous); they are not location fussy, steer pure musicality, and they are up to your system.

Naim and ProAc are another match made in heaven.

Room shape is also key, long wall or short wall, a home demonstration is vital.


If so what about kudos 808 i think they can play in decent room

Like Dave, I have had a pair of MF9’s on the end of a 500 system. I thoroughly enjoyed them, they are very musical with a huge soundstage. However, room synergy is hugely important :blush:

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Kudos 808’s are what I have now Meni, you owe it to yourself to try both at home.


@LindsayM is exactly right I think. I have heard several Neat/ Naim combinations and every one has worked well. However, particularly given the room size and the sums involved, you really will need home demos.


Excellent combination - Neat and Naim

My naim dealer main audio room has the XL10 and naim 500 system. Has also has the NAP 300

Previously I had the neat XL6/500 combo and that was pretty special

Currently have a couple of naim/neat systems running, the main one being

Naim 252/SCDR/NAP250DR and Neat XLS stand mounts - wonderful combo

Can’t go wrong


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I don’t know, with the amount of money at stake and the particularities of your room, you better try to homedemo before making a decision.

I think the ProAc K3 would fit like a glove, and they are spectacular; with the Kudos 808 I have the same feeling as with the large Neats, too much for the room and problems ahead, not so much for the location and air they may need, but for the control of the bass in their interaction with the room modes. But this is all conjecture…; it’s about home demo.

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Agree newcomer - the XL10’s are a massive speaker

Having heard them in my dealer’s main room , which is pretty huge , they need a big space

Moral of the story is - be weary, home demo required

Fantastic speaker though


Just seen this, caveat that I haven’t heard the Mystiques, as far as I can recall, but every Neat speaker I’ve heard, from the Iota up, is the opposite to that you describe. Horses courses as they say.




Never heard a bad loudspeaker from Bob/Neat


I am running Neat MF7 with a Nap300. Superb. I have a reasonably sized room dedicated to my music so I am able to place my speakers where they sound best.
Great synergy with Naim but I have not heard XL10’s.


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