Neat vito

hi folks l was wondering if any one had any experience with neat vito speaker. I have just bought a pair of the vito se. and would be grateful for any info. Thanks Dave

What would you like to know ?
I’ve sold lots of those back in the day. A good friend of mine still has a pair ( although they have been updated to a “ SE “
But still a nice speaker and can fill a room with music.
But send a email to Neat Acoustics and they should be able to tell you all the info if you give them the serial number ( like when they were built etc )

thank you for you reply mate . I have the SE version . I have phoned bob at neat but he could not
help me .he past on one review. but he said he would service them for me.

The Se never made it to market, but if you have any questions feel free to ask
Not too many of the “ SE” out there
What are you using to drive them ?

my system consists of a cd5sx ndac nac 282 powerd by two hicap and napsc nap200 with a rega p9 tt . and a trichord dino +gen 2 with hp lead . goldring phono with a goldring legacy styles. cables are whichhat audio and trllurium Q black speaker cables. I am just Interested to no how the neat vito performed and how good they are.

sorry that is a trichord dino+gen2 with hp lead , not a goldring phono .

I always found the Vito to be a nice speaker
Full range big sound stage.
The tweeters can go off so unless you know the history it might be worth having new ones installed
250.2 and up to really drive them I found although it really depends on your expectations, 200 will drive but might not do them justice and also the size of your room.

thank you for your advice mate. I have been in touch with Bob from Neat and he is going to service them for me. Looks like I’m going to have to save up for a 250 lol.

That’s great to hear !! Please report back and let us know how you got on.


it will not be for some time mate me and my wife have both lost are jobs we both worked for
north east jag. but it as closed down.

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