A very general question as looking at a speaker upgrade but seem to recall from posts years back that NAIM gear sits well with NEAT speakers, still true ? Thanks

Neat+naim generally one of the best combos esp. in regard to musicality, PRAT and price-performance (esp. with pre-owned or discontinued models) and long-term fun!
Certainly also depending on your specific equipment and room architecture. But no doubts you would be on the safe side (myself enjoying for many years already :slight_smile:

Yep can confirm CalumF - neat and naim a great combination

I have the neat ministra’s and neat XLS’s in different naim gear and have had a couple of their other models a couple of years back

It took me many years to finally come across speakers that gave me what I wanted

You will not be disappointed going down this track

Since starting out on my Naim odyssey, I’ve been through several of the speakers in the Neat range, and at every turn, they worked beautifully with whatever Naim kit I had upgraded to.

A cliche, I know, but Mr. Surgeoner does make exceedingly good speakers, and is, moreover, one of the good guys, and who will be only too happy to advise you, if you drop him a line.

Brilliant synergy but would still look for a home demo as room interface equally important.

Agree Dave - Bob is a top bloke and is a musician in his own right and that comes through in the voicing of the neat speakers

Both neat and naim have a wonderful
Synergy of giving that live driving sound one gets on going to a concert

Does it for me

Atom with Neat Iotas works well for me even in the acoustically unfriendly environment of the small bedroom I use as an office.


I am very happy with my Naim & Neat MF7 combination.

This has been discussed here before:

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