Neat xl6

Does anyone have experience with Neat xl6 s’ with Naim 500 amp?,my current speaker is sl2

Not with a 500 but heard with a 300 and in the dealer they were just superb. Sadly in my room they just wouldn’t integrate. Great speaker, but as ever home demo essential.

I have been using them with 552, 500, 555 for about 8 years now. Love them, natural sounding with bass that goes deep. Worth a home demo if you can.

xl6 + 500 is a perfect combo! I have demo-listened several times with most convincing and impressive results: ‘musicality’, prat, stage, authenticity - all top notch! (I eventually got the SX7i, the bit smaller siblings, due to living room design restrictions).
Which pre-amp do you intend to combine? I decided for the 552…. impeccable combo :slight_smile:

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