Neat xl6


There’s a pair of pre-owned MF9’s just popped up on fleabay … worth a look?

thank you guys, your comments were very helpful. I will audition them in my living room hopefully next week.
btw, the Naim Dealer here is also the Neat dealer, he is confident they will work perfect.
let’s see…


Still there, chaps, and something of a bargain at the price … terrific speakers. :+1:

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Yes they are and I know the seller, surprised he’s selling them as he really loved them!

Aye, Nigel, I’m quite surprised at anyone selling their MF9s … no, wait! :laughing:

Hi Eli, I am curious how your demo went with the Neat’s? I just had a demo of Neat MF5’s last week, and really liked them, but have a few more speakers to demo next week before I commit to them. Also, do any MF or XL owners have any comments on the difference in the tweeters between the old and new models? They went from titanium inverted dome in the MF to soft dome SEAS in the XL as far as I know.

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Well, they are in my house for the ladt few days, will post pic asap.
The dealer is missing their spijes so meanwhile i placed them on cork.
They sound quiet good but guess they are not optimised yet.
Will pist soon

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Thanks Eli, looking forward to your thoughts, I should mention that the dealer I am going to next Wednesday has a pair of MF7’s that I might ask him to play also.

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