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Hi Naim Guys,

I am using a pair of Linn Sara (xlr) type speakers. I posted my system many months ago and it was suggested that a pair of NAP135 amps would be better than what I am using.

My first question is should I use my NAC 72/hicap olive or should I use my NAC 62/hicap CB.

My second question is the NAP 135 Amps are 1984 edition, but have been serviced in 1999. What is a reasonable price to pay for them.

Both 72/hicap & 62/hicap have been serviced in the last 5 years.

Many Thanks in advance for any help.

Unfortunately 135’s are a highly sought after amp, whether they be CB or Olive. An Olive pair were this last week put on the auction site and were snapped up very quickly for £2700. This seems to be a fairly standard price in that place. However, I got my Olive 135’s this year for less than £2k from a well respected purveyor of used Naim equipment, and they have a warranty and are well within their service interval.

If the ones you are looking at were last serviced in 1999, they need a service. Factor this in to the price. My advice is shop around, be patient, and the right ones will come to you in time. Also, look on the auction site for past sales of 135’s for a ball park figure.

Hope there something in my response that helps.

I bought my 2 x 135 CBs for £2000 a couple of years ago and then had them serviced. The casework is immaculate and they sound fantastic. The Olive ones tend to be more expensive.

Use either pre depending on whether you get CB or Olive. My system is a mix of CB, Olive and Black boxes!

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Thanks guys, great advice from both of you.

For a few years in the ‘80s/‘90s I used an Olive 72/Hicap into 1984 vintage 135s (fronted by a Roksan Xerxes/Artemiz/Shiraz and driving Epos ES14s) before swapping the 72 out for an 82. That system was really musical, I had a blast listening to a lot of music on it, I don’t think you can go wrong with 72/HC135s. Although the 62’d be fine I’d go with the better pre into 135s.

Thanks Eoink, good advice.

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