Need a solution: Quobuz Streaming to MuSo Gen1

I am on Quobuz now and liking it. How to make it stream to MuSo Gen1? Is there a work around somehow?

You can run bubbleupnp or mconnect hd and serve qobuz through them.

You can use it via AirPlay from the Qobuz app on iOS devices. Much simpler than the BubbleUPnP server workaround, but you won’t get the 24 bit stuff.

Or potentially could use Audirvana on a computer, serving via UPnP, also enabling HiResAudio and MQA first unfold on Tidal, if those might be if interest, a c assuming no UPnP compatibility issues ((trial first!)

Thank you all. Clueless about streaming here, but willing to learn.

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