Need a streamer - advice please


I am here because i would like to start with my first Naim piece of equipment. I have lusted over naim equipment for too many years.

I wanted to start with the bit that i am missing in my current setup so i figure i start there:

Rega RP1 direct to A18
Arcam FMJ A18 connected to speakers
Marantz NR 1506, pre out used to A18 fronts
Front left & right speakers are Klipsch RP-150M

Yes, all on the low end of the spectrum but we all have to start somewhere!

I am happy with sound from vinyl and arcam but i am not keen on sound when streaming from phone to marantz so i started looking at streamers from Naim.

Would a used Naim ND5 XS work within the current setup?

I am trying to find an economical way to improve sound with streams and also start with Naim equipment.

Thank you for any help.

Welcome to the forum.

What streaming services are you wanting to use with your system. Do you also have ripped CDs that you want to use the streamer with too ?

Hi and thank you!

Sorry, i forgot to mention that. I stream from Tidal hi - fi or masters but i read masters / MQA can’t be decoded by these and that is ok.

I have a lot of old cd’s ripped to a HDD before missus convinced me to skip. all only at the highest .mp3 though sadly - 320 i think.

it would be nice to listen to the music stored on the htpc despite it’s quality (hopefully) as it spans a decade or two with lots of memories. Lately i haven’t been though, and just streaming.

Music genre wise - there is no boundaries. i have songs from all genres.

A second hand 172 works for me. It combines a streamer and preamp. Previous to that I had a Squeezebox Touch.

Thank you both for replies.

I did consider a second hand 172 used a pre amp with the fmj a18 as power amp until future upgrades permitted.

I wasn’t sure if the older version would suffer from any gremlins for the streaming with tidal or whether it works fine.

I am leaning towards getting the decent streamer / DAC such as Volumio Primo (also blue sound as been suggested), and then upgrading integrated amplifier later either Nait XS2 with an additional phono or the newer NAIT which I believe has phono built in.

I would trade the Arcam and the Marantz on a Nova. Simple solution that will wake the Klipsch up a tad. You’ll need a Rega Fono as well.

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I had the ND5XS as my first streamer and loved it. It’s a great piece of kit and available at good used prices. If funds permit you could consider the ND5XS2 which has the latest streaming platform. IMHO the ND5XS is a great place to start. I had the one with Bluetooth and DAB modules which was handy!

Do you have in mind a future overall Naim system?

Do you have a budget for that?

Be aware that one upgrade can lead to another.

A Nova would be a good all in one system or a Supernait 3 with ND5XS2 or even NDX2 if funds permit.

There are plenty of used streamers out there! Enjoy your choices.

I have just purchased a Naim Nait XS2 to replace my Arcam FMJ A18 - it was a good deal at a UK online retailer so figured why not.

I will now return the Auralic Altair G1 i was demoing after trying it with the Naim this weekend :slight_smile:

Then i need a phono and a streamer to decide again. I decided id rather use money i have now on amp instead of all on streamer.

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