Need a turntable


I have an old Marantz Amp and Mission speakers (plus MUSo’s but not relevent to this post…) it sounds great to my ears… see below actually for sub post
For various reasons I have access now to my Vinyl collection so I need a Turntable.
Reading other posts Rega seem to get the thumbs up…
Any recommendations - budget wise, entry level really, but quality…


…Edit Sub post…

The whole setup is Marantz amp, 4 x Mission speakers, PC with Roon / Quboz /Tidal / Spotify and 3 x MuSos… just thinking could I play music from the Turntable via the amp via Roon to all speakers ?

For entry level turntables just get a Rega 1, 2 or 3 depending on how much you want to pay.

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Not convinced about the last bit, no.

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Rega 3 if you can, 2 or 1 if money is tighter.

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Thanks all, Rega 3 seems the puppy :slight_smile:

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The Marantz has a phono input, yes?

Yes, certainly does…

Good. It’s not so certain with many amps from the last decade, and occasionally this is forgotten by people who are used from the past to amps having phono ins. So was just a reminder

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