Need a wireless connection to the wired socket on my original qb

From time to time my qb has acted up, meaning that it has refuesed to get back online using the wireless connection.
the solution has always been to move it close to the router connect with an cable remove it and the wireless would take over as normal.
However o today this does not work as soon as I remove the cable the qb goes silent and is not shown in the list of rooms in the app.
this suggest that something has stopped working in the wireless part of the unit.
Wiring it permanetn is not an option but if I can find a wireless access point with a wired connection it seemsI can prolong the life of the unit.
However I have no idea of a cheap solution here.


I used to use an extra orbi acess point for my unitiserve. It receives wifi and then cabled to the unitiserve.

I use a very cheap Vonets bridge. Will eventually replace it with something like TP-Link. Amazing the quality you can get.

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