Need advice for my system please!

I need your opinion on the next improvement that I should bring to my system according to your experience so that it is better. What would be your first suggestion as an addition or replacement.
I have an ND5xs2 with a Nait XS3, original naim interconnect din-din with my new Spendor A7.
I listen music with Tidal.
I tried a flatcap xs this year. To my ears, some elements were improved (bass, solidity…) but the airiness throughout the music was lost. I sold it.
I wonder about the possible purchase of a used Supernait 2, or go go to a better interconnect or add an external dac…?
I would look for a little more detail and more life. I tried the Supernait 3 two years ago and I appreciated a lot the level of detail but the bass was too present as 'baloune’for my taste.
I listen to several musical styles: jazz, classic rock, progressive rock, classic at time…
I listen to music at a medium low volume.
Thanks in advance!

I had a SN 2 with HiCap DR with a NDX 2 with XPS DR prior to moving my current system.

I started with a NAIT XS 2 with a ND5 XS as my first Naim system. I found the SN 2 was quite an improvement over the XS 2. I subsequently added the HiCap DR which was another uplift. The NDX 2 replaced the ND5 XS which was quite an improvement for me. When I added the XPS DR latter on I also found that to be a wonderful update as well.

As always I had a demonstration at my dealer and at home prior to making final purchase on each item. Also my experience may not match everyone else’s experience. So also will add, My System, My Room, My Ears.

BTW: I started with a pair of ProAc D2 speakers, moved to Naim Ovator S400 and then to my current speakers, ProAc D30RS.

Good luck with your decisions and enjoy the journey.


Petition to introduce a new initialism, MSMRME (alongside YMMV, IMHO et al).


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I’m not sure I’d do much of anything. You have a nicely balanced system. Maybe try the Naim Hiline din-din interconnect. It brought more of everything when I upgraded. MSMRME

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If you didn’t like the Supernait 3, I can’t see much point in adding a SN2 as this is going to have a very similar effect. Did you try moving your speakers to see if their position in the room could be optimised for the more powerful amp. This is not an uncommon problem when you upgrade a power amp. In particular, moving the speakers further out into the room can help.

A source upgrade would be an easier option. Either trade the ND5 for an NDX2 or add a DAC.

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I’d sooner see the whole phrase die on Hifi fora…

If I nad to spend money here id probably add an Ndac to the streamer and then be done…


Along with several hundred others.

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Nice course…
The dilemma is should I prioritize source or amplification first?

Do you think a used nDac well be the better cost/ration upgrade option ?


Yes I know…
You have essentially the same system, what is your original interconnect?

thank you very much for these tips,

I saw a used nDac near here …
I will look at this option and borrow a hIline from my Naim dealer if it’s possible listen to it.

I wish you a great day!

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I use a Witch Hat Morgana between my streamer and amp.

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If you have a spare shelf and don’t mind an extra box I think the NDAC would be a good option. Possibly a better sound quality upgrade than moving to an NDX2 but you really need to listen to these options and decide for yourself.


Nice set up :wink:.
I added a Hi-line and thought this improved dynamics - brought forward mids and highs and made bass more tuneful.
An ethernet switch added more refinement and detail.
There’s always something better out there but at a cost.
Enjoy the journey.


Source would be my suggestion. The exception would be if a SuperNait became available at a fantastic price then that may influence the decision.

I auditioned a ND5 XS2 in my NAIT XS3/Neat SX3 system, against my mk 1 Hugo/Primare NP5. The Chord had it mostly equalled or beaten in my opinion. Adding a Superlumina IC between the ND5 XS2 and XS3 made more of a difference than I expected. It’s a funny way to spend £2k though, and with the cost of a ND5 XS2, approaches the price of a second hand NDX2.

I think I would also look at source improvements, but like others have stated, what you have is nicely optimized and balanced at its budget level.

Depending where you want to end up, or think you’ll end up, I would look at the ancillaries and max those out as far as you think sensible. You mention cables, but what stands are everything on?

FWIW, I have a similar level system, recently I moved my vinyl setup to something I expect to last me years. Next year I’ll look at the streaming side, possibly a NDS & XPS DR, or maybe even that ND5 XS2/Superlumina option, it sounded fun, and IIRC at least one other forum member runs that setup. Once those two are done I’ll finish up by swapping out my XS3 for SN3, and finally changing the speakers for some boundary friendly higher end bookshelves. My XS3 has been great during lots of source demos, showing up differences nicely. I’m not in a hurry to change mine.

I might encourage you in the same direction as others have, above, by adding an nDAC.

Following a “source first” approach, the addition of a nDAC to your ND5 XS2 would bring out the best of that source. This needn’t cost so much.

Then, maybe consider adding a HiCap DR to the XS3 to get the most out of the amp too. If later down the line, you do upgrade to SN3, the HCDR can move over to the new amp too.

The XS3 is a great amp and could help you much further along your journey yet.

Do let us all know which way you decide and share your results. Good luck.



The idea of ​​the superlumina didn’t cross my mind.
I find your experiments very interesting.
Your future plans are interesting too. It’s a hobby that too often projects us towards improvement.
Many recommend adding an ndac…
I find on the one hand that the used cost is interesting but the design is dated…and I hesitate.
thanks for your advice it’s appreciate

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It is true that the cost of a used ndac is attractive.
I will think about it. Many of you have this suggestion. For the hicap I think I’ll go with the supernait instead…
thank you!

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