Need fix Naim App (iOS) sample rate display (352.8 instead of 353.)

When I play file @ 352.8 khz, Naim App display 353. khz, this makes me feel that Naim is low quality brand, even I paid a lot for 500DR series.
Please fix this issue.

I’m flagging this to @pocklefo at Naim to take a look.

It might be a Roon display issue, the display is different to mine, 353kHz plus a separate 32 bit, & its not showing the codec (WAV/FLAC etc)

Yes, you’re right, it looks like it’s restricted number spaces.
With Asset on Naim iOS on iPad 9.7 … I get 88.2 & 96.0 but like you 174.nothing

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Does this really matter? What does it found like!!! Definitely not a low quality brand imho.

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Agree docbot, we need to get out more.

Im with Nhim, this is beyond daft if it’s a Naim issue. If it’s an ND555 thats 13,500 quid I’d send it back.


I am sorry for that, but I love Naim and I want to make Naim better.
(I used Naim equipments for 12 years, 10 years with 500s and a year with 500DRs)

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There are ways to seek improvements, and that does not include being entitled, demanding or misogynistic. It would be nice if the app displayed the full sample rate but it’s hardly an issue and certainly does not make Naim look cheap. A polite request is all that’s required. I’ve raised it with Naim as you’ll have seen and perhaps it will be addressed in due course.


Does it matter? There’s doubt people can hear the difference between 96 & 192, I think it’s safe to accept 0.5kHz is inaudible.

Is the .8 exact? Or already rounded? What’s the minimum amount of digits behind the dot that would be acceptable?

Of course it doesn’t really matter but it would be nicer and more consistent if the whole number appeared. If it can show 44.1 it really should show 176.4 or whatever.

I’m told by Naim that they know about it and it’s on the App teams radar for a fix in a future update.


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